Page Rank Finally Updating

I noticed the updates too. My site went from PR3 to PR4 and most of my content pages went from PR0-1 to PR3-4. I actually went down the list on searches though because so many other rake rebate sites went up on PR too. I just wish I understood why so many PR0-1 pages got listed higher then me on my keywords. On Yahoo I am 1-3 on all my keywords, on Google I'm on the 3rd page and there are many sites that are not even poker related between my listing and the top. Oh well.
Yes, my new sites got some PR, but still no traffic :(.

Pokeraddict, your site isn't very old AFAIK, so it can be sandbox.
PR and SERPS have little to do with each other.

PR apparently, over time, helps those who link to your high PR site to raise in SERPS.

So a better PR allows you to link to other sites with the better PR, and as such will EVENTUALLY result in a better engine positioning.

That is the only point I see in PR. People always look at it to judge a site - I don't really think it has a lot of meaning other than in the linking situation.
I just wish I understood why so many PR0-1 pages got listed higher then me on my keywords

Like Dominique said, PR is different from SERP's. A PR does not mean a good position, and nowadays I look at the PR green bar more as entertainment means. Google only updates it 4 times a year, and it is almost always not up to date. I only use it to get an idea of the site, to see if it is new, banned, and how is it being indexed. I don't use it as a decision making tool.

By other side, PR refers only to google. There is Yahoo and msn, and they don't follow that PR.
PR is for the birds. All that matters is SERPS.

I still pay attention to PR when choosing link partners, but on all other counts it's useless.

Worry about your position in the engine. I have pages with no PR ranking #1 many times. Who cares about the PR in such a situation? Not the search engine.

PR only matters in situations where the search engine looks at it as a factor, and that seems to be only in linking, if that.

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