PAF will not discuss player complaints


[max says: this relates to our recent Warning: PAF will not discuss player complaints.]

Can I add more details to this topic? My account was also closed with the same reason as his and 4 others - we participated as a team on the same team tournament (one team, 6 players) - even tho 4 of us didn't played at all when "collusion" took place or wasn't logged in. All our team players got banned because of this one situation. Tournament called Team Challenge. I have hand history as a proof that actually it wasn't collusion but more likely soft play to avoid kicking out your own team member. If to analyze that hand then there are 50 ways to cheat and not to get caught. Our team members, actually they didn't know you cannot fold your cards.

Thing is that week before on that same tournament many teams cheated, they all got warnings. Not bans but warnings. So week later our team with that hand was as an example to others. Without a warning.

Behind it is actually Microgaming who has broken their own rules against players to play fairly and to act fairly. They closed our accounts trough casino to make more difficult for us to get even hand history out from the system (because we was logged in from PAF and playing in PAF Poker Client).

I can present all the proofs and materials if needed to show what Microgaming actually has been doing and they have been broken their own rules against honest poker players.
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