Be Aware PAF will not discuss player complaints


Complaints (PAB) Manager
Staff member
Jan 20, 2004
We received a player complaint in late January regarding accounts being closed after an apparently unfair accusation of collusion. PAF ( took an unusually long time to respond and then only said "we are not at liberty to discuss customer related account data with any third party organizations in any way or form". In other words "talk to the hand".

Given that we are certified arbitrators and acting on the player's behalf at their request there is no legitimate justification for PAF to be "not at liberty". What they're really saying is "we don't want to talk to you" and they are misusing data protection rules to justify it. That's a corporate decision and it denies players the right to be represented by a 3rd party of their choosing.

Be Aware: PAF will not discuss player complaints. The casino says only "send a complaint to eCogra or the Ålandic Lottery Inspection" and that leaves the player no other choice. Unfortunately we can't help players regarding issues at