Tips Paddy Power Casino, very untrained and unprofessional...


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Oct 4, 2011
a few days ago i done a withdrawl from this casino. suddenly today when i tried to log in but couldnt so i thought maybe its my pass wrong so i reset but still it didnt pass me in and i put some attention and the red text was showing "your account is blocked"

So I went to ask their online chat to see maybe after many tried my account locked? ... here began the story, after like 10-15min waiting someone answered: " i dont know our security team locked ur account.." after spending another 15-20min on waiting and asking what to do she finally had the energy to say, they want me to send "bank statement" (utility bill) and some *ID.

The thing that piss me off ( :mad: ) is not that few hundred € money that is so dear for them but spending so much time on solving something which can be avoided by simply sending and email and asking for varification ID's.

Locking an account without even contacting user is very unprofessional.. And putting untrained third world country online support there is pure sarcasm..

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