Pacificpoker close my account and forfeit my winnings


Dormant account
Nov 23, 2006
I won 740$ from my 40$ in 48 hands (Omaha 1$/2$ PL), then cashout 488$. But pacificpoker closed my account and asked me to send them my ID card and bank statement. I did so. They replyed that they were unable to accept your documents for verification purposes so my account remain permanently blocked. I wrote email to ask for explanation. They told me: Please note that your winnings have been forfeited as per our terms and
conditions, which states that;

"In addition to any other remedy available, if you breach any of these
terms and conditions of this Agreement or we have reasonable grounds
for suspecting that you have breached the terms and conditions of this
Agreement, in addition to any other remedies available to the Company,
your winnings may be forfeited at the discretion of the Company and the
Company may retain any positive balance then existing in your account
on account of any damages or other amounts owed by you to the Company
pending investigation and/or the conclusion of any legal proceedings.
Failure to comply with this Agreement may also result in
disqualification, account closure and/or legal action being taken
against you. "

The following is the process of my winning:

I don't know what happened.
they always treat chinese players this way.
if you play there and win, you won't be paid at odds >80%.
even you lose there, you may also be blocked by 888.
I am sure you won't get back your money.
they even won't reply your emails any more.

is it a rogue? for chinese players, it is for sure.
realistically I don't think your screen shot can tell the whole story. We can't see their logs or their collusion analyses, etc.
But did you get a resolution?

Very true. If the big pots were won from the same person, it would definitely raise a red flag. Anywhere you play.
Very true. If the big pots were won from the same person, it would definitely raise a red flag. Anywhere you play.

Thank you for your reply!

But I can swell that I didn't cheat any in the game. I won some chips from different players! I can't log in my account so I can't screen shot the player ID I won. But you can see the big winnings were in showdown!

I deposited 54$ playing poker in bet365 in the beginning of Nov, withdrawal more than 5000$. Cheat? I think prima security system is better than Pacificpoker! Do I need to paste my Neteller transaction history?

Pacificpoker lose USA players, so its income reduce badly. Forfeit my winnings with no explanation for what? Less and less players in its poker room, not recommended.

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