Pacific Poker - No Download Version


Nov 13, 2004
Hi everyone,
Is anyone else having problems with the no download version of Pacific Poker? When I go to a table, all I see is a gray screen with a few cards but no table, no players, no card faces...just a blank gray screen with a few cards. Has anyone else had this problem?
I got an answer from 888 regarding the problem I was having with getting the java version of pacific up and running on my computer. It is only a problem that pertains to Windows XP users. This is what I had to do, in case anyone is having the same problem:
Please check the following:
- Go to Internet Explorer
- Tools ==> Internet Options
- Choose the Advanced tab
- Check that at least the third checkbox under Microsoft VM is marked
- If any other Java VM exists, such as Java (Sun) - like in the attached file - uncheck them.
- Close and reopen the browser.

Hope that helps,
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