P.R. 10/10 for Golden Riviera Casino


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Nov 22, 2015
Mandurah, Western Australia
I had hardly finished creating an account than my Mobile rang and a very charming young lady from somewhere 3 hours east of GMT welcomed me to the Casino. Well done. Makes me warm and fuzzy and gives the casino an immediate handle on who is joining. A nice touch. Real money now deposited and bonus accepted and I am now off to the BJ table.

I would not get to over exited over a phone call, In a few weeks time you be slating them saying there ring me up every hour of the day,

Nether the less if it was a courtesy call than thats great, It goes to show if a casino can give you a quick ring to welcome you than why not the everymatrix casino take the time to check to see if a player has self excluded from there group?
:) I am far too old and have been a pro gambler for far too long to get excited about anything these days. Naturally, if they are paying for someone to make "welcome" 'phone calls there must be some profit in the expense.

I know how not to hear 'phone calls, but thank you for the thought, but I still think it is good PR.

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