Your Input Please Own part of a (offline?) casino by buying coins


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Aug 13, 2006
Hi all - and no im not working for the site :

I just found site where they offer to buy tokens to become a co owner of a landbased casino (afai understood)

Do you think this is could be legit ?

Old / Expired Link

this is a linke to the whitepaper for this offer , i read it and realised there are some grammar mistakes in the german version wich isnt a good sign imo lol

Lets discuss - do you think it could be a working business model for an investor ?
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TBH i think Kazachstan could be an interesting market since it has a boarder to china gambling is mostly illegal afaik.
Im not sure though if i would want to be part of it also from a moral aspect.
Its a novel concept from a Direx site and I suppose it had as good a chance of coming to fruition as almost any other ICO white paper kicking around on damn near every place you turn these days.

The site still has the regular bells and whistles, welcome bonus package, cashback, tournaments, fast cashouts etc, so as a one off way to perhaps kick back some extra cashback or more down the road I don’t see any harm in the fact that I have my Co-Owners share along with some tokens that were kicked back after playing there ;-)

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