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Jan 21, 2006
sussex, uk
Its just a pie in the sky idea at the moment, but was just wondering if anyone is able to point me in the right direction or let me know some more on how I may go about LEGALLY setting up my own Bingo site.

I say bingo as it seems to be the one where you would have to front the least, ......theres no way I can front anything near what is required for a casino! :)

Any help would be great peeps, many thanks.
An online gambling operation could be quite expensive to start and a good business plan should give you an idea of all the operation costs. Here's an example of a poker site plan in the pdf file below. Forget about the links and software company chosen (Futurebet), this is just an example of a business plan.
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You might want to consider a white label for start. Parlay Entertainment offers a network partnership program which involves very little investment.
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Mind you, I am not promoting nor am I recommending Parlay Entertainment, although I believe the software is of good value and its clients, Winward Casino and BingoMania, are good operations. I am merely suggesting some reading for you to start studying the subject.

Good luck!


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