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Hi all,

Just a quick one, anyone have any experience with OVO Casino running Novomatic games?

I asked support a question about backing out of a bonus and they offer a "if you win with your money then withdraw" option even if you have an active bonus, you can even keep the bonus running if you leave the original deposit in the account.

Fire away




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This may be the worst shill in history. If it isn't, I've never played at or heard of this casino.


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I'm not the Ian Beale, far better looking and much better with women :p

and no it isn't a shill, keep your opinions to yourself if you have nothing practical to say?

I asked a genuine question about a casino, next time you refer ill say yeah its great and hope to god your money ends up in Costa Rica, fool.

If no one has an opinion on them that is fine by me, but the whole point of this forum is knowledge and experience.


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Hi Ian,

I play a lot of Novomatic Games myself as I really do love them.
I know OVO casino is related with Quasargaming.com which offer the same brand of slots.
I personally play Quasargaming and I used to play at Stargames too,the biggest on the market when it comes to online Novomatic slots.
So I can say that these casino's do pay out if you win,if that was any of your concerns. :cool:

See below some screenshots of winnings I had over the last couple of months on Quasargaming:
Sorry for the text on images as I use them for affiliate purposes also... :rolleyes:
If not allowed feel free to remove webmaster... :D

But if you want to try those games go ahead as they do pay nice and are trustworthy...
<snip - shillish>

Good luck,

Mark. :thumbsup:
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