OVO Casino with bad bonus terms


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Feb 16, 2006
In my eyes OVO Casino has questionable bonus terms and conditions and i ask myself why a customer should use any kind of bonus on OVO Casino ?

Since they now added games from NetEnt provider they have also games (we know from some other casinos) if you play with bonus which not count towards wagering requirements. Those games is one thing but those rules regarding bonus should be in alert for each player and strongly advise not to use.

Of course you will play first with your deposit but if one forced to play with bonus sum then you have bad cards.

OVO General Bonus Terms & Conditions said:
Once you reach the bonus wagering requirement the bonus can be converted to real money. If conversion balance is higher than original bonus amount granted – maximum real money credit is – unless stated otherwise - x1 bonus amount granted. If conversion balance is less then original bonus amount, the minimum amount of real money credited will be equivalent to the initial bonus amount granted. Examples with €200 in bonus awarded: Bonus converted at €30 balance – real money credited is €200 Bonus converted at €200 balance – real money credited is €200 Bonus converted at €500 balance – real money credited is €200

After Re-Launch and new design, customer support get also bad. I don't know what they are doing. Before customer support was good but now...?

No Live-Chat, unanswered mails, phone number not valid, no logout button (only system generated mails)

It's normal that after relaunch not all things are working 100% but if we would make our work as affiliates like this or going online, then good night.

The only advantage is that they are paying fast.

Until now i could write positive and i don't want to change my opinion but they should change urgent their bonus terms, because it makes no sence for a customer to use any bonus and then he is restricted to cashout only 1 time the bonus sum.

In this regard they don't need a new bonus and promote with. If they don't want to change i can only recommend to play there without any bonus.

And that is called "The Revolution"

Sorry OVO, but this is a change into a wrong direction.
Be careful with Bonuses!
It is crucial  that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions of any bonus that you accept. Most of the complaints that come through our arbitration service are bonus related; it would be safe to say that there are tens of thousands of players who have never complained because they realized after the fact that they did not understand or had never read the terms. Nothing in a casino is free – so whenever you see “free” being used, there are stipulations. It is important for you to understand that.

Please check out our Bonus Section that lists the offers given by our Accredited Casinos. No deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses (AKA sign up bonuses [SUBs]), exclusive bonuses, reload bonuses, free spin bonuses...all this and more!


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Aug 29, 2012
Withdrawal capped at x1? :eek2:

These bonuses are becoming less about making money and more about insurance, or 'second chance'. You'd hope that your cash balance at the beginning counts towards wagering, otherwise why would anyone take it? :what: