Out of curiosity, is Neteller obligated to report transactions of over 10,000 to IRS?


Jul 12, 2004
Boston, MA
I was doing a lot of work on some tax deductions, tax stuff et cetera and it got me thinking about how in the United States banks and other companies "flag" any transaction of over $10,000 for the IRS. I'm wondering if Neteller would ever do the same if you you were to win a small jackpot or have a really really nice night at a casino and got a single lump sum of more than 10,000 in one payment into your account.
Of course it is a situation I would love to have (I've never come even close to getting that much loot), but I'm sure on that comes up with some frequency with all the people out there gambling online from the US.
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I emailed Colin Francis at Neteller regarding your question.
As soon as I get a reply I will post it.

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