Ouch - MG totally fooled me now!


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Oh man, earlier today I wasted a few hours only doing high rolling. I went back with a 100 to do some small spins, it seemed to have turned and suddenly after only a few spins i get statistically screwed! The wins started at once, man was I dumb to not increase at once here!

1. I get the jackpot in Lady of the Orient (elephants) in 5 spins, $50 win on $0.01 bet (20 lines however)
2. Switch to Pharaos Tomb, do some 0.91 spins, 3rd spin I get feature and find all pharaos. Next spin, feature again all pharaos!

Thats 3 major wins in record time!

Sure it was a quick 400 or so. However, a little earlier today it would have been almost 20.000 with the bets I was wagering at the same games. I wonder why I didn't get them earlier!

I got royally screwed there!


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There goes MG for me aswell, as soon as wager is upped to $10 spins, weee.... No fun, no feature, atleast no paying one. 1K gets eaten to fast, but I'm sure I'll get some fantastic wins next time I deposit more on low wager. In my face!

I'm going on a break!


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I'm going on a break!
I think that maybe a good idea :thumbsup:

Another point, if you think your going to get screwed over the you probably will. Just for the record, before I pulled up on my gambling, $9 a spin was the norm. I've hammered more than a few good wins @ $22.50, $45 & $90 a spin.
(think I got some posted in the winners screen caps).

Although it may seem that the high bets influence the pay-outs, from my own personal experiences I think it only seems that way because @ $9 a spin with a bankroll of $1K you only get 111.11 spins.

As we all know (or should), it's not uncommon to go through 250 - 300 spins and not get the free spins or bonus round. (I've gone 650 spins with no feature).

Anyway, spending some time away from gambling for a while might be a good thing for you.

Merry Christmas kimss



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