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Nov 16, 2005
At September 2005 I played at orchid casino, deposited 150 and with the 150 sign up bonus I played Black Jack and finished with 2962. the casnio refused to pay me saying the coupon I used was not valid.

I filed a complain with montana which I understood are not as objectives as they supposed to be and they decided in favor of the casino and asked me to collect evidence that I got the coupon I used.

First, I have never been ask to prove such a thing. Im not a detective, I only played with the bonus they gave me.

Second, I think I got the coupon on the live chat Im not 100% sure but anyway it was also published in the casino web site.

Third, and most outrages is that the casino admits it was a glitch in the sofware and they also said that in such a case if the player wins they only pay back the deposit but if the player losses they take it all.

Hard to beleive you can read the thread at winneronline that some other player with the same problem posted.

I told to montana all that but they are ignoring me

I PAB with Brayn over 6 months ago, reminded him over and over again but that did not help either.

anyone can help?
I remember it was published long ago also at Winneronline.

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The casino sent an email with the first deposit coupon, this first deposit coupon seemed to be the old coupon.

If this is the case and they sent an email with the first deposit coupon then you should get your winnings because you won from the first deposit and you have an email that proove that.

Even for the players that won in the second coupon, they should get paid because there were 4 coupons there for 4 deposits and all of them were together at the website at that time.

If the casino had an error acceting these coupons after they claim they were not valid then it is the casino fault, pay and then fix your software

Bryan, the player said he pitched a bitch half a year ago, did you get any reply from the casino regarding the validity of his complaint ?
Orchid casino won't pay winning

Hi there,

I have registered for the first time at orchid casino on the 03-07-06.
I read their promotions terms and conditions very carefully and saw that for deposit of 150 i will get 150 bonus and that red dog is not in the list of unallowd game so i decided to deposit and play red dog.
when playing i managed to get up to 1800usd . i wagered more than needed only on red dog.
now, they say that i downloded the casino from playunited.com (which i know it is not possible since i never heard about this web site)
and that the terms there saying that red dog is not allowed game.
so they took the winning and left me the 300 deposit + bonus.
i am positive 101% that i downloaded the casino from orchidcasino.com and the only explanation here is that the are just lying in order not to pay me. no other words to describe it.
i also have a print of their terms saying showing that red dog is an allwoed game as well as my chat with them.

Anyone has an idea or can help?
They owe me money as well, I won there $5500 and they confiscated my winnings from the same reason of the invalid coupon story, it is amazing, you get a package offer of 4 deposits, then they changed all the package with different coupon, I used a first dep coupon that I got by email and the rest of the coupon that I got in the live chat, then the casino says that those coupon is invalid, it is a package deal, if the first coupon is valid and was sent by an email and also the rest of the coupon were accepted, how can you say that I used an invalid coupons, it was a package and Monata wanted proof on the 2nd and 3rd coupon because I have not won at the 1st coupon that was sent by an email, Monatan wants a proof, do you understand that ???

I played and won with coupons I saw in the webiste and the rest of the coupons from the live chat and I have to give them proof.

The other guy won at the firdt deposit bonus, well , they have no excuse not to pay him because I guess they also sent him an email at reg with the first dep coupon so he should have his proof.

Here is the response from montana

Comment: Dear Cara, The email you provided was for your initial deposit into the casino. The coupon in question is "JAEQ3", which the casino claims was not intended for you account on Orchid Online Casino. For that reason, our ruling is in favor of the casino. They have returned your $850 in total deposits and closed this account due to bonus abuse. However, if you can provide factual evidence, such as an email, that proves you were solicited for the "JAEQ3" bonus then we will re-evaluate our decision. Thank you. The Player Dispute Team

Here is an email I got at the registration, all the 4 deposits coupon were changed in their website after I played including this first deposit coupon which is mentioned here, What they say can't be true, all the coupons were changed as a package together, if the first coupon is valid then the rest should be valid.

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Bryan, did you check with the casino, this players seem to have a legitimate complaint ?

Montana should be shamed for asking a player to proove where he got the coupon from, what is this ? The player says he got it from a live chat, so pay the player and shut up and amend your system if you think the coupon are not valid anymore.
anyone at home?

I don't get it.
several players are not getting paid, obviously for no good reason. the casinomiester is silence and orchid casino keeps stealing money.
someone do something, please!!!

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