Oprah in Auz- bigger than the Queen


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Wow! Can you believe it. Oprah's been in Australia for only a few days and I can't believe the hysteria. She leads every news bulletin either at Uluru (the biggest rock in the world) in central Austalia or climbing the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. Oprah hasn't even filmed a show here yet and the whole country has gone Oprah crazy. People are lining the streets for hours just to get a fleeting glimpse of the lady.

Personally I have never watched a complete Oprah show so for me the thought of her visit was a non event. I like many others thought our government throwing in a few million to support her road show was a bit over the top. How wrong was I! The publicity for Australia is something no amount of money could buy.

I have watched visits by the Queen, the Pope and even The Beatles and the mainstream support for Oprah leaves the rest in her wake.

A quick question to our US forum people. How has the coverage been in the US and do you think it will reap lots of dollars from US tourists?



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Besides anything her show promotes for the trip, very little has been shown on local news or national news. The winners reactions when they won those trips was hysterical and sad at the same time. Same can be said of her favorite things episodes. Oprah could give out free toilet paper and the crowd would go wild.

It does seem that whatever she touches/promotes, it really helps the business. So it might bring in more tourists but who's to say.

Keeping my own opinions of Oprah aside, I don't see what the big deal is all about.


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Thanks Omar

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Who is Oprah? :what:
Oprah is a black woman that has risen to the top of popular fowling through her live talk show she started in as a actress now she is a philanthropist
and a very dedicated to her audience personality [she has taking on some Hetty chore and has a great record of completing them]


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i dont get all the buzz w/her too.like people are hoping for a handout or something..or just really bored i guess..


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Hey Bingo

We have only about 21 million in Australia so amazing things happen. A couple of days ago Gayle was in Tasmania (a small island state) and took a hellicopter ride around that beautiful place.

The pilot was a young guy married to my niece. My niece was on Skype last night saying that Gayle made her new husbands year. She was with a few 'high flyers' but spent much of the down time talking to her pilot mate. My niece said he was absolutely stoked at how down to earth she was.

Obviously a top girl.