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Oct 27, 2004
I was wondering what experience some of you folks may have had with mysportsbook.com. I'm in the process of making my first withdrawal from them and received a request for a bank statement and was wondering if I need to worry about them not paying or taking forever to do so.

I'm hoping I'm just being paranoid, but any help would be appreciated.
Yes, I read that thread when searching the forums. I was wondering more about whether or not they have a history of questionable payout policies. I used their sportsbook and now am in the process of making a withdrawal. Hopefully I'll have some news to report soon.
After about 5-6 days, I received my payout from Mysportsbook.com. It was my first withdrawal, so I had to submit ID verification (I sent them a scanned copy via email instead of a fax). I was worried a few times because when I would call their 800 number, the CSRs weren't very helpful.

Bottomline is, they came through on payment, which was my biggest concern.
they do pay, they've paid me before also. I just think their Blackjack is seriously tweaked. Not to mention, I've seen some complaints by players where they have not paid. If you play for sportsbetting and not casino, i suppose its an okay place.
You can do much better then a 5-6 day payout from a sportsbook. A reputable one should pay you same day if you request by mid afternoon. If you look you will see a thread I made about Betcris CSR fumbling a cashout bad, it took 2 days. I was mad, no 2 days isnt long but when you guarantee same day cashout out and incompetence screws that up it is wrong IMO, even though 2 days is a normal wait for most places.

You should find many that guarantee same day cashouts, stick with those. There are endless ones with top notch reputations there is no reason in the world to go to one you question.

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