Opinions On King Neptunes

Whilst I know of one poster who clearly had a bad experience with this group in the past and always posts negatively under any positive views, I believe that King Neptune's is one of the quality-level operations out there. There are many posters who would agree with me, I think.

It is a member of the Trident group, which has a sound reputation and has been around for some time....and it is an eCOGRA Seal holder which means that in the unlikely event of a problem you have access to the FGA.
I hit my first big royal flush at King Neptunes. They paid me without fuss. I think King Neptunes and Trident Lounge are good honest casinos, but I don't play there often because their promos are usually just drawings, which I couldn't care less about.
Hojalata said:
Anyone have an opinion on King Neptunes?

King Neptunes and 32Red are the only two Microgaming casinos I play. I'been playing there for nearly two years, not a single problem, they transfer money to neteller in two working days, the only bad thing is that the dont have good bonus programs.

Clayman said:
I used to actually play in those drawings and picking-a-number thing for the fun of it.

Then they banned me for abusing them. :eek:

How in the world can you abuse a drawing? :what:

How ridiculous.
My experience was good with King Neptunes. Microgaming games seemed fair. Won a little bit of $ and was able to cash out within a reasionable amount of time.

They really didn't offer me anything new other then the first deposit bonus so only went back once and played a little.

Also they do buy votes for gambling.com but it is a drawing so I recieved nothing =/

My vote always for sell casinos!

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