Opinion: The best, the good, the mediocre, the worst



I have tried many so here is my opinion.
best: Casino-on-net, Lasseters(this one is government regulated), Galaxiworld
the good: Macromedia casinos such as Golden Palace, Riverbelle, English Harbour. They are ok.
the mediocre: Kenny Rogers, USA CAsino
the worst: Atlantic Interbet, Sands of the Carribean (these guys pour out heavy bucks for promotion and that's the only reason I think they are so popular).
My opinion. Bye. Antoinette.
Thanks for your interesting comments, anonymous! I have also played at a few, so here is my opinion! :)

My best: Riverbelle; Liberty Casino; Showdown Casino and my current favourite, Torpedo Casino. My worst experience was with Safari casino... Emailed them a few questions before I got started and received a message to rather give them a call!?! They took forever to email a response too, unlike the others I've mentioned who replied SAME SAY with all my questions answered!!!

Has any tried ArcticHouse Roulette Analyzer?
Is it really good?

The Best: Casino-On-Net Honest, real Payoffs, fast support (although e-mail only)

The Medicore: Yellowcab (The software is not very good)

The Worst: Gold Club Casino (You have to obtain a security code from them in order to casho YOUR money... The security code is sent by regular mail.. takes 2-3 weeks)... at that time you wager all your winnings ans lose them!!!!!!!!!!!
best; English Harbour my cashouts always recieved in 3-4 days

worst;First live casino, they without my permission withdrew $250 every 3mins from my credit card for several hours until my credit card companys fraud department (not the quickest guys on the block) phoned me up at 4 in the morning to ask had i gone mad!!!!!!
My BEST: Riverbelle Casino, InterCasino, and Torpedo Casino (it's a brand new casino with awesome sound and graphics). Liberty Casino and Gaming Club are also pretty good.

My WORST: Most NON-DOWNLOAD Casinos (especially Goldkey Casino and First Live Casino), as well as Cyberthrill Casino, Bet and Chat, and Bugsy Online Casino. Either myself or people that I know have experienced problems with all of them at one time or another, mostly in terms of finance.

Personally, my favourite software comes from Microgaming. Riverbelle, Gaming Club, Torpedo Casino, Golden Palace, Mapau Online Casino, and Liberty Casino are all good casinos using Microgaming software. Generally, casinos with 3D interfaces (like Cyberthrill and InterCasino) aren't much good, as I find it difficult to move through the site. InterCasino makes up for this with its fast speed and fairness.
Hi Brian,
do you know that the Bugsy Online Casino also use
Microgaming software??
So why this one is bad, and all others are good?

www.thebigbook.com is a good sports betting site. They give you $20 for free don't even have to give them a credit card. I won $80 and withdrew $50. The check came in the mail in about five days. Good site..You want the $20 enter this number 4321674 bye
The worst casino has got to be the island casinos.
They do not pay, they do not have a phone number to call, they have bogus email addresses. The link for tech support does not work. I recommend anyone buying into this casino, you should call your credit card company and stop all payments to them.
I have seen too many banners for isalnd casinos in many sites about gambling. Their advertisements nearly convinced me to play there.
However, I have made some work before playing their. Tried to call them, tried to e-mail them, tried to search networksolutions.... And ONLY BLIND people play there.

Yanni, Remember there are two. One is the island casino and the other which is the rip off is the island casinos. By the way I do not recommend the other one either. They have real strange software.
i have tried YELLOWCABCASINO and is pleased. won
and cashed in for 21/22-june and were told it had
been processed on 23-june for recredit into my
card. this was known when i sent request to them
to stop cashins but instead to transfer it back to
my gambling a/c. does anyone think otherwise ???
Here's my penny worth of analysis. Island Casinos is just a link to some casino which uses software by a company called World Wide Multimedia
( www.casinosoft.com ). Now casinosoft sells their software but do not participate in any management or profits or royalties. So the licensee buys the software ( about $275K ) and gets 100% of net win. Also the licensee is freee to do what he wants. There is another casino - 7 by 7 casino which uses the same software. I had a friend who won more than $4000 at 7 by 7 casino last year but till now was not paid a single cent . My advise is , stay away from casino which uses the same software. In this suitation whereby the owner can do what they want , it is rather unwise for us to put our money into.

Now , ( I can be very wrong on this ) I think that the same company that develop Rags to Riches ( which is also a link , a fact which cannot be denied ) is the same company that develops island casinos. If I am correct , then the company should be Access Corp.

Steve and I have had some discussion about this company . They develop just link casino pages but sells it for $5000 and above , which is rather high . ( read our postings in " did anyone bought a casino from access corp" ) .

Well , I could be wrong about Rags to Riches. Anyway , I noticed that the owner Mike H wants to sell the site So Mike am I right about your casino or am i wrong ?

As for Island Casino ( not casinos ) , I have came acorss their software somewhere , at some casino which I have tried before . I really cannot recall now , but it might be from AIE .

I hope that my penny worth of analysis do not offend anyone especially to owners of Rags to Riches .
Oh almost forget to add that Rags to Riches uses Starnet software , whereas Island Casinos uses Casinosoft software . So unlike Island casinos , it should be safe playing at Rags to Riches.

By the way , the company I mentioned , Access Corp also claims that he can sell and develop links to webmaster for either a casino using casinosoft or starnet's software .

So my analysis should be quite correct
Timothy, I read your above post. In part you are correct. However on the rags to riches casino, I personally had the software and link for the island casino removed and replaced it with the world gamming. I did it just for the reasons that have been posted here. The rags to riches casino is a front end casino that links to world gamming, We have nothing whatsoever to do with the island casinos. They are not to be trusted.
As far as access corperation goes, they do not deal with the island casinos anymore either. They deal with classic (starnet) and world gamming (also starnet) If I had the phone number for the island casinos I would post it right here and turn you guys loose on them. They are crooks
just got ususal spam from island casino apparantly someone just won their progressive slot jackpot anybody actually believe this???

steve c of jacksonville$96623.65
I won another $100 at thebigbook.com I will tell you exactly how long it takes for them to mail me the money.
Cyberbookie.com, casinopirata.com, metrogaming.com, hamptoncasino.com, aceinthehole.com ARE ALL SCAMS!!!!!!!!!
They are all operated by Wroldnet Casinos, or Worldnet Gaming. They owe me $1,210 as a credit to my credit card but they won't give me my money. Don't go to these web sites!!!1 They will rape you!@!!@!@

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