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I want to know, from the players,and the aff masters, and anyone who has an opinion.

WHAT do you 'hear' when you get the lovely marketing splurge, and the last line says 'GOOD LUCK' ??

This is a term that is cropping up more and more, and frankly, it irritates the living bajeepers our of me!
WHAT do you MEAN good LUCK?! Huh, is that a challange?An insult that I have no wits, no skill, no brain?! GOOD LUCK?! Are you crooks and you think I need luck cus that is the only way I am going to get any joy out of this?

Maybe I am overreacting, but I am wondering, when any of you hear "Good Luck" at the end of your gambling promotion. What do you ACTUALLY hear?!



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Yeah, in my experience (regardless of industry), "Good Luck" is never a good sign. I always thought I was just supersticious, maybe reading into it too much. Glad to know I'm not the only one that hates seeing the phrase used.


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Obviously, it depends on the content. When I promote the games at Casinomeister (like the Scavenger Hunt, Mystery Casino, whatever) I end with an occassional "good luck" because I want people to win. It's fun to win, and I want people to have fun and forget about stupid politicians, Hurricanes, and global warming for the few minutes they are playing.

As for "good luck" applying to affiliate marketing - most affiliates truly need luck to get themselves out there. It's either luck finding a good niche, or getting traffic you don't have to buy. That's luck :D (or smarts).

And the affiliate manager wants you to be "lucky" since their success is based on yours. What else would you say? :D

At least they don't sign off "toodle-loo"


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casinomeister said:
What else would you say? :D

At least they don't sign off "toodle-loo"

Master Meister, I understand the intention behind it, but I do not agree with it. (Personally). I think that when someone says 'good luck' (and you explained it VERY well with the affilliate statement) you are saying 'It is virtually impossible and I doubt that you are skilled enough for it!

When you tell the players 'Good luck' in your scavanger hung, I think ' Man, this guy is challenging me!'. maybe I am just the kinda psyco that thinks that way. This is why I asked for opinion! :D


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I'd rather no one say a word to me before I'm about to gamble and while I'm Gambling. Thats the time I want to feel as if I don't exist.Just like people like to be alone when they read a good novel, this is almost the same expect more exciting.And the rule in this house is no one ever say Good Luck. I feel its Jinxes any chance I have at winning....LOL
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