Operator/owner of RevenueJet and WinPalace casinos is out of jail


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Gary (Gabi) Shalom is out of jail after paying the feds $403 million for his hacking scams and identity theft.

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This greedy bastard poisoned this industry - mainly the RTG side of things - by stealing databases, launching Ddos attacks on his competitors (and presumably this site as well), and pretty much just being an asshole.

...Shalon held $100 million in Swiss bank accounts, which has now been frozen and transferred to US authorities. Shalon had 81 bank accounts around the world, in countries including Switzerland, Georgia, Cyprus, and tax shelters such as the Virgin Islands. These too held hundreds of millions of dollars, which will also be confiscated by the US Treasury...
It's rather sad to see a crook like this getting a measly 2 years, when people without money are being incarcerated for decades for lesser crimes. Just goes to show, money talks and bullshit walks.