Opening a casino account and feeling like a part of a Kafka novel


Dormant account
Aug 16, 2010
Wanted to try Registered an account and got an activation mail. Need to Click the mail to activate, but then i should put a verification code at the website.
The verification code should be in the welcome mail but it wasn´t. I spoke with chat:

you: hi, again me with the missing verifiation code
you: i think it was a misunderstanding
Michael: hi there
you: i recieved the activation mail an should push a button
you: but the i need to put a verification code at the website
you: i dont have one...
Michael: kindly provide your username and email address
you: XXX
Michael: I can find no account with that email address
you: because its not activated...
you: i need a code
you: to activate
Michael: you have to register an account before you receive an activation code
you: yes
you: and i recieved a welcom mail
you: welcome
you:“ In order to start your casino experience you will first need to activate your account by clicking on the activate button:“
you: says the mail
you: i clicked
you: and need a verification code^^
Michael: yes but you would still have needed to register an account with email address
Michael: are you sure you wrote it corrrctly?
Michael: correctly
you: yes because i recieved a mail with my username XXX
you: and my name
Michael: XXX - is this correct please?
you: yes
you: "Hi XXX, You must be excited to get right into the action so activate your account to proceed. However, do read on to learn how to make the most of your experience! Your username: XXX
you: ?!?
Michael: this is very strange
you: indeed^^
Michael: without the activation code I should still see you in the system
Michael: but you are not there
you: ok so you have technical problems
Michael: just a moment please
Michael: I'm sorry but I would need to escalate this to our technical department and get back to you


Game old gal
Mar 13, 2008
Hang in there. Bet-at is worth waiting for. Don't think it will probably take too long, but you could always pm one of their reps for help in solving the issue.


Dormant Account
Sep 30, 2013
Belive me, betat are more than worth it, when i registerd it went through fine, im sure igor and his team will resolve this as soon as he see's it