OPA should issue a new policy



OK, this is just a suggestion. Personally, I feel sorry for Larry and Steve having to handle all of these OPA complaints.

I think there should be a three week MINIMUM delay between the time a player deposits in a casino and when they fill out an OPA complaint form.

It seems like there are a ton of complaints coming in now. Are players even trying to settle their own disputes???

The OPA was never intended to be solely a collection agency.


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Dec 12, 2000
I have to say, the mediation department is taking up a lot of OPA time. We have been trying to put together a newsletter for members for a while.

Members are encouraged to participate in the "Eye in the Sky" project at www.gamemasteronline.com to collect data on casino software integrity.

New shows have gone up at www.casinogazette.com for The Game Master and Brian Cullingworth (industry news). Game Master and Steve talk about The Eye In The Sky project and progressive video poker at Radiate sites; Brian covers new casinos opening, new turnkey operators, legal stuff in California, MGM/MIR considering opening an offshore casino, and more.


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Feb 22, 2001
I'm with GamblingGuru on the timeframe thing - most OPA members know that before lodging a complaint they should give the casino a reasonable time to get their act together on payment and then at least attempt to escalate their beef to a manager instead of a CS operator before filing a complaint.

Looking at the OPA Statements section here it seems to me that there are many complaints which could have been resolved at management level with some perseverence, and a number that involve like fifty buck claims.

In common with GG I would hope that players see the OPA as more than just a collection agency. The cases where players could do a little more themselves before filing must take up an awful lot of volunteer time that could maybe be better spent on things like keeping players informed, advising newbies and fighting big player issues like software integrity, crooked casinos and bonus manipulation.


Anyway, back to the topic.

Steve, you should tell players to take a hike if they submit an OPA complaint before three weeks. What do you think?

Also, there should be a question on the complaint form that asks, "What steps have YOU taken to solve the complaint?"

If they do not have a good answer or leave this blank, they should not get help from the OPA.


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Jan 1, 2002
I don't think there should be or is a need to wait three weeks when the player has heard from the casino and they are refusing to pay or settle the dispute. Why should someone wait under these conditions? The sooner the complaint is filed the better. If there is a lack of response or the casino hasn't decided what they are going to do then a two week waiting period is probably more appropriate.

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