OPA question


opa member


I'm an OPA member and have not figured out where everything is on the OPA webpage. I wanted to find: 1. The list of OPA member casinos. 2. The list of casino bonuses I heard about on the radio show. 3. The list of NOT recommended casinos.

When I log into the member's section on the webpage it just returns me to the home page and I don't see any additional information such as what I've listed above. Thanks for any help!


Hello, sorry your having a problem.

Please do not use netscape. Please use IE as your browser. Go to the main page. Up at the top go to members. That is where you will sign in using your email address and the password that you picked when you signed up.

Once inside the members section you will see the links on the left hand side of the page. Recommended Casinos, not recommended casinos and other things as well.

If you have anymore problems, please contact me at pitbossopa@aol.com