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I find it amazing that the only reason Gametime Casino Network is mentioned as a group of blacklisted casinos is because of the connection to GSS. Never has one of their casinos been mentioned in the "Complaints about Casinos" section. As for their connection to GSS. They bought their software from them 2 years ago and that's where it ends. They do their own accounting and Equifax handles the merchant accounts. It's not only a shame but a true indication of the extent of the the irresponsibility of this group to lump these casinos into the boycott. With so many dishonest casinos out there, to keep your members from playing at a time tested honest group of casinos completely goes against the premise of this site; to provide players with honest, true and forthright information on the online casino industry.
Hi Cary. I will respond to your above statement.

Boycotts are just that. Boycotts. As long as GSS makes money from you that is good enough for us.

If you go out of business and owe players money, GSS would not step in and take care of them.

I get a lot of hate mail from GSS licensee's. While I know that most of you are very nice people. The boycott was the last straw in the battle with GSS. Maybe you should be asking GSS to settle with the players instead of saying the OPA is not looking out for the interest of its members.

We know if you close, GSS could care less, Therefore we are protecting the players. Protecting them from giving any revenue to such a company as GSS. Protecting them by letting them know, if this company goes under your stuck.

I know you guys take this all personal because your businesses are on the line and a lot of money has been invested. I understand all of that. This is not personal against anyone but GSS.
I understand and empathize with the players who lost money. However, this is an industry where you take risks. When we have dishonest players come in and lose and then charge back we don't get compensation from the credit card companies (why would we, they make their money twice this way) and trust me we lose thousands every month this way. I guess my point is when you take a risk sometimes you lose whether it's fair or not. The best way for anyone to handle this is to find a casino you trust and have had positive experiences with and stay with them. Listen to your gut and the warning signs. If it doesn't seem right, it probably isn't. But to play or not play with a casino based on a boycott is Russian Roulette. Your better off to go with your gut.
Yes it is an industry where you take risks, and everytime I place a bet I am taking a risk.. why should I have to take a second risk on top of that of being paid if I win my first risk? I shouldn't and neither should any other player. Casinos have ways of protecting themselves against chargebacks by having players sign forms, etc. The players only defense is banding together into an organization like the OPA. And its working or you wouldn't be on here whinning about it.

Are you saying GSS does not get a cut of your profits in any way? Are you saying you are not running off GSS servers?

The boycott is effective and will contiune.. you should do what several of the others are doing, dumping GSS and moving to a responsible and reliable company to provide your product... not one who rips off everyone they come into contact with.
Hi Cary,

I'm uncertain whether or not your first statement was addressed to me or to the OPA. But if it is to me, perhaps I can clarify things from my end. The list of GSS casinos that appear in our "rogue" section are the casinos that are being boycotted by the OPA for substantial reasons. Plain and simple, GSS is not looking out for the industry as a whole by turning their back not only on players but on their licensees as well. The boycott is the OPA's prerogative and I support it 100%.

Personally, I would like to see it end. I met Mark Waters in London several weeks ago and gave him suggestions on how to eradicate this whole mess. My concern is for the industry. I know that there are many...many honest to God, honorable businesses and people out there that are struggling to keep good face in this industry that has started off on the wrong foot. My concern is and always has been for them and for their players. This GSS mess has just tarnished an already tarnished business, online gambling. Anyway, he appeared as though he would act on what I suggested, but since then...nothing. Why am I not surprised?

This section "casino complaints" is just that; people bitching about casinos and me stepping in to see if I can help. Sure, there are a lot of shitty casinos that are screwing their players that never get mentioned here. It's a big screwy world. But in the case of the casinos associated with GSS, many may be on the up and up, but it's the "association" that is bad. Like Steve said, the OPA is protecting the players "by letting them know." Knowledge is power.

I definitely believe that Casinomeister provides "honest, true and forthright
information on the online casino industry" more so than most any other online casino information site. Shoot me when it doesn't since this is and always has been my mission and function.

Where were the operators of Gametime Casino Network when the news came out about Players Fortune? Where are the posts from the operators of Game Time urging Gamblingsoftware to do the right thing? Why should players extend trust to a company that has taken no steps to protect their reputation until now? And GameTime's relationship with GSS doesn't end with buying the software, Gametime still has to run the software on a machine. Does Gametime have their own servers?
Here are some questions for the operators of Gametime to consider, that are questions *in their own interest*. I don't expect you to answer them here, as they are your business info--but are these questions that you have asked?

*Where are your servers?
*Have you actually seen your servers?
*You say you do your own accounting, but isn't that based on information about gameplay and account information supplied from GSS?
*Your email is routed through GSS hosted servers, how do you know you are getting all your email?
*Does GSS have anything to do with your chargebacks? I ask this because previous GSS franchisees have complained of wildly fluctuating chargeback rates and their suspicions that GSS was skimming accounts, using chargebacks as the excuse.
*Has GSS added any new fees during the course of your contract? Changed any terms?
*Did GSS tell you who really wrote the software you purchased? You yourself can verify that it is not unique by looking at the software offered at www.gamehouse.com and www.dceg.com, just open up the blackjack and listen to the sound effects while loading or compare the pay tables and help text in the "table poker" games.
*Are you relying solely upon information supplied to you by GSS for your opinion of players, the OPA, GSS's reputation, etc.?
*Are you aware of Mark Water's involvement with the company Handa Lopez?
*Are you aware of the relationship between Thrive Media and GSS?
*Are you relying solely upon GSS for information concerning pending lawsuits against them?
*What would happen to your casinos if GSS went out of business?
*Can you retrieve your data from GSS without interference?
*Have you looked at the data in your domain registration to see if it is correct?
*Do you have a signed contract with a real name, not an alias (as has been alleged by other operators).

and finally:

*Are you making the money that Mark Waters promised you'd make? How long did he say it would take? Is GSS taking any responsibility for the shortfall, or is it all the fault of a.)OPA boycott and b.)player chargebacks?

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