OPA Membership Fees


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Apr 12, 2002
It's obvious that the OPA is spending a lot of time and money solving problems, and I assume the OPA's resources are limited.

I say increase the membership fee. I know this won't be popular, but I am more than willing to spend a few more dollars.



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Apr 22, 2001
Different unpopular suggestions to follow:

I think that some OPA members use it's services a lot more than others.

Perhaps the occasional players who want to shell out $25 for a little insurance don't need to pay as much as high rolling players who repeatedly deposit $5k with dodgy sites and then ask the OPA to bail them out.

I'm an Auto Club member, and have often used their roadside assistance (usually because I left my lights on and need a jump -- oops). But I only get a limited number of free service calls before they start charging me.

I don't know what form it should take, but I think that some sort of pay-per-use strategy could be appropriate.

E.g. $10/complaint after the first 3/year. (Adust fee and number to taste.)

Also, some sort of commission for payment resolution might be appropriate. If the OPA gets a member paid $1000 that would not have been achieved through personal dealing with the casino, perhaps a $50 or more commission would be reasonable. E.g. 5% of any amount over $100, min $5, max $100. Perhaps this could be voluntary, labelled as a "suggested contribution".

Charging some sort of fees for use could also add some incentive to attempt to resolve problems personally before calling in the OPA, which doesn't always seem to be true of some OPA complaints. And also cut down on the complaints by players who didn't get the $10 they expected from opening an account without playing.

I don't know how best to handle the above suggestions in a fair manner, but it seems reasonable that players who make disproportionate use of the OPA's services should cover a larger fraction of the expenses.


why does everyone want the fees to go up?????????



Hitmob, I would like to see the OPA grow and have the funds to sue every shady casino that tries to F*ck the players. Who else is going to do it?

I do not want the fees to go up, but would be wlling to stand behind the optional 5% collectors fee (which I will do voluntarily if Pinnace every pays).


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May 4, 2001
Okay here my 2 cents.. if in your
concience you know that without sTeve and
other OPA chair members did not come forward
and supportyou to get paid.. I dont think
you need anyone to tell you to SEND
a CHECK of an appropriate amount ..

Heh Folks.. if you got ZERO .. to start
and this organization helped you to
get some if not all of the monies owed
you .. why is it so HARD to part with some

of it .. think about if you hired a
lawyer to fight for you to get paid
newflash 1/3 right off the top goes in his
pocket .. even if ever person that the OPA helped
get paid.. sent something.. anything.. this organization would benefit greatly Im sure ..

but then only the OPA knows the number
of players tney help in a years time to
receive their winnings.. in the short
I have belonged.. which is only since
sometime in May 2001 I know of close to
100K the oPA helped members recoup..
take a 1/3 of that.. a lawyer would of
recevied 33K.. enough said..


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Apr 12, 2002
why does everyone want the fees to go up?????????


I dont really want the fees to go up, but I recognize that the OPA has been swamped with problems since its inception. I also recognize that the OPA is only one of two organizations actually doing anything for the players (Julie at Gambling Grumbles would be the other, IMO).

Therefore, I would rather pay a few more dollars and have the OPA remain a viable force, then not pay a few extra dollars and see them go away simple because they were unable to handle the sheer weight of problems it has to deal with.

I do like James idea. Those that use the OPAs services more often would pay a little more.

I doubt that many people are making donations. Its been my experience that many are people are sincere in wanting to make a donation, but tend to put it off.

But hey, it was just a suggestion. Personally, I think foo foo la mar should pay for everything.


paul lee

I agree that there needs to be either a dues increase or something. Just look at the number of complaints OPA is having to deal with due to the Vegas Strip/Denmark situation. If OPA is going to be able to "stay on top" of all of these complaints and not have them slip through the cracks, they need more people/funds to handle it. I have been very happy to see OPA mentioned in a few casino messages as having played a major part in settling disputes. Lets keep it growing!!


Jan 12, 2001
I mentioned this some time ago - and I still think it is a very good idea. And along with those additional fees can perhaps come additional benefits.


The only way we would raise fees is to have a full membership vote.

But donations are always accepted.


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Mar 27, 2001
Luckily I havent had to use the "enforcement arm" of the OPA yet but my suggestion is with a flat (say $10,20 etc) dollar fee PER complaint lodged for amounts under the OPA guarantee limit and then a % on collection only for amounts above the 500.

I hope I never have to use the service and given nmy ability to reverse any decent cashins- I suspect I never will.

Guys I gotta get a new hobby!!!!



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Dec 12, 2000
What if the OPA had Transparent Banner Ads, that clearly stated that we get a kickback? Or partnered with Casinomiester or Gamemaster in having some transparent shared revenue banner ads?

When I sign up at a new site, I go through banners on their sites so they get a piece of my action. I consider it to be worth it.


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Feb 22, 2001
Maybe a "flat fee" arrangement would be acceptable, but on the clear understanding that if the casino involved accrues genuine player complaints the deal is summarily off.

I would not like to see one of those "get a portion of the player's action" deals.