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I think users should be able to post responses to OPA anoucements, perhaps just not create them. Here is my response to the current topic:

This is a tough one...we have recently banned Denmark, I think this user might have even had a problem w/qsc.

There are a group of people from Denmark who are charging significant amounts of money on bad cards. There are so few players from Denmark that it is cheaper for Casinos to ban all the players than to accept the risk of that particular group.

Our policy states that we will refund the initial deposit however that is really up to the casino. It is a bad deal for the legit. players from Denmark....but what can you do.



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Hi md,

The announcement section is meant only for announcements. Too much conversation clutters up the office space over there and we'll all get lost :)

Here you are free to create whatever you want...

As for the complaint about 7Sultans, I am very concerned about this and am curious how they will respond. A flat out ban for players from any specific country is bad news; especially when it is as subjective as this.



Md if a casino wants to ban someone from a certain country, I guess that is their right. But when someone signs up they should not be allowed to continue. IF Your going to ban them at least do it before they win any money. Once they win, you owe them.


Just a note to say that the 7 Sultans group has done this in the past. Thailand is one of those countries - even if my credit card is issued in the US.

You can always check my news archives for details - but it did get solved in the end after a lot of hassle.