Oops i didn't know they were roque - GrandDuke casino scams players..


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Aug 31, 2010
I got scammed by Grand Duke casino, i made a withdraw of 375,- euros but only recieved 100,-. The reason they limited it is because they have a limit of 100,- when it comes to cash outs made with "free money". i refered a friend and got 75,- for it ( non cashable bonus) but before i could get that they told me i could only get this 75,- if a made a deposit of 35,- so i did.

So today i talked to support and i asked them for the terms they were refering to, i got this:

All bonuses defined as "No deposit bonuses" or “Free cash Bonus”, meaning that Grand
Duke provided you, the player with complimentary money in your account, without you having
to make a deposit.* Such Bonuses have a $100 winnings withdrawal limit and x75 turn
Requirement. In order to gain eligibility to withdraw your winnings, you must meet the
wagering requirements of the bonus. The Bonus is valid up to (thirty) 30 days from the date
of registration . The following territories are excluded from receiving "no deposit bonuses"
: Peru, Poland, Ecuador, Argentina, Romania, Hungary, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Latvia,
Slovak Republic, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Russia, Ukraine,
Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania

* I had to make a deposit for getting the referal bonus ( they asked me ) so this does not aply.

besides when i got a text today from mb that i recieved 100,- i got on the support chat and it was really sketchy because of what has been said:

Mike.: Hello sir and welcome back!! :D
kombucha: hi mike
Mike.: How can i assist you today?
kombucha: i just recieved 100 euros on my mb acount but i cashed out 375
kombucha: and im looking in my acount now and you guys changed it to 100
Mike.: you still have 275 to be approved
Mike.: Correction €275.00 Status: approved :D
kombucha: ok :)
Mike.: (angel)
kombucha: ok mike so i just have to wait a few minutes for the 275?
Mike.: no,,,for an answer why its devided
kombucha: ooh ok
kombucha: take your time :)
Mike.: im waiting for support to answer.. :D
Mike.: Hi
kombucha: hi
Mike.: the 10 free bonus is 100$ max cash out
Mike.: this is why you didnt get the rest of it(275)
kombucha: i didnt cash out from the free 10
kombucha: i went broke on it
kombucha: then i made a deposit of 35
Mike.: i will tell support that...
kombucha: ok
Mike.: a few more minutes we will double check
kombucha: and i also got a non cashable bonus which was 75 euros for refering a friend
Mike.: The reffer a friend bonus is limited on 100$ cash out also
kombucha: yeah but it was a 35 deposit
kombucha: so if i would have deposited 500 and got 75 for refering a friend that would also



Dormant account
Aug 31, 2010
yeah great slot, sucks tho when you get the wheel 3 times and land on some shitty bonus :p
but the lines are good as well