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So I was watching this new movie 'Reclaim' - It's actually a decent movie which I enjoyed. Right after almost falling off a cliff, the main actress emerges with torn Jeans, only for it to be miraculously mended a few seconds later :eek2: - This is the first time I've spotted something like this, have you ever (apart from whats floating around) spotted your own blooper?




My wife and I do watch a lot of television and movies so we often point things moving from scene to scene. It's annoying because most television series and movies have people assigned purely to ensure continuity is maintained so they essentially have failed it. I think the funniest one I've seen is in American Pie (not sure which one... 1 or 2 perhaps) where one cameraman left his mic boom in full view. I saw it at the time and then when I watched the DVD with commentary they pointed it out. It was a proper "I know what you're on about!" moment. Hahaha.


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One of my favorite shows is King of Queens and i watched every episode countless times. And they made a lot mistakes. :D You can see the microphone multiple times, everytime they ride in a car you can see the reflection of the cameratruck in the buildings, one time i noticed a cameraman (when Doug and Carrie diving in a pool), Doug opens the same beer two times, ...

Im always happy when i find a new mistake. :D


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There are lots of "irrational kinks" in films that I notice.
One example from an Indiana-Jones type film I saw recently:
The hero requires little-no evidence before embarking on his quest for the treasure. Surely, before you risk your life you would want more evidence that what you are looking for actually exists.

I saw a movie a couple of nights ago called "Hotel Transylvania." The girl vampire in that had no reason to initially think that humans were good and every reason to think that they were bad. Yet, she displayed some degree of belief that humans were good.