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only in casinoland

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by tronk, Mar 19, 2007.

    Mar 19, 2007
  1. tronk

    tronk Dormant account

    windows casino:

    (visitor 0) hi, i've just recieved an email stating that there was $25 waiting for me in my account

    (visitor 0) hello?

    (jaesh) hi, please hold for a sec please

    (jaesh) what is your username?

    (visitor 0) NERO

    (jaesh) due to the new Us law, you wont be able to gamble online anymore

    (visitor 0) why is that?

    (jaesh) because of the new LAW inforced in america

    (visitor 0) why would a LAW in the US affect me?

    (jaesh) because you stated that you are from america

    (jaesh) and all your address and name is wrong

    (jaesh) due to this your account had been deactivated

    (visitor 0) what are you talking about?

    (visitor 0) let me speak with your supervisor

    (jaesh) is that yyour correct username?

    (visitor 0) i was sent an email containing that username and believe it is correct

    (visitor 0) my name is

    (visitor 0) my date of birth is

    (jaesh) 1 sec

    (visitor 0) thanks

    (jaesh) are you sure that is your username?

    (jaesh) tronk?

    (visitor 0) well that was the username that was addressed to me at my personal email address

    (jaesh) what is your email add?

    (visitor 0) "Tronk, $25 No Deposit Bonus Waiting In Your Account!"

    (jaesh) what is your email address?

    (visitor 0)

    (jaesh) when did you register?

    (visitor 0) not too sure, probably more than 6 months ago

    (jaesh) ok one moment please

    (jaesh) we are sorry but under nero account we cannot find your details

    (jaesh) and under that username you account is deactivated

    (visitor 0) why did you send me an email in the first place and waste both of our time?

    (jaesh) it must be a mistake on our side

    (jaesh) under username NERO the account is not active

    (visitor 0) so can i open a new account or what?

    (janesh) yes if you are new you can

    (janesh) if you have other account and use the same computer for usernam Nero it will automatically lock your account

    (visitor 0) can you then unlock my present account or tell me if i no longer have an account?

    (janesh) we cannot unlock the account because all the information you provided is wrong

    (jaesh) did you ever play for real money?

    (visitor 0) well can you ask me my information and i will tell you my (correct) information, and then we will be able to work out whether i have an account or not

    (visitor 0) if i had an account with your casino, yes i would have played with big bucks

    (jaesh) ok

    (jaesh) under email and username i cannot find any

    (jaesh) what is your postcode

    (visitor 0)

    (jaesh) i cannot find your account what is your address

    (visitor 0)

    (jaesh) ok i dont have an account under any of the detail you provided

    (jaesh) if you are from the UK please register a new account

    (jaesh) thanks

    (visitor 0) thanks for checking anyway, obviously there a mistake somewhere when you have my details in order to send me an email but at the same time apparantly dont have my details. A bit stange i must say

    (jaesh) sorry for any trouble caused

    (jaesh) thanks for your time

    (visitor 0) anyway i will try to register a new account, but i'm not sure whether to bother with the free $25

    (visitor 0) i just had a look at the rules, am i right in saying you can never cashout any winnings?

    (visitor 0) sorry? can you explain the difference between "free play" and the advertised $25 no deposit "real play"?

    (jaesh) free play means you play for fun

    (visitor 0) so is the $25 deal just for fun or can you actually win any real money?

    (jaesh) please try and register sir

    (jaesh) if you are in the uk try and register first

    (visitor 0) ok will do. But is the $25 free offered to me just play money or is it possible to win anything with it?

    (jaesh) you can withdraw the winning

    (jaesh) but not the bonus

    (visitor 0) ok so why do the rules on your link state -Any winnings generated from the bonus or the bonus itself may never be cashed in-

    (jaesh) thats correct

    (visitor 0) so which is true: are you able to withdraw winnings or not?

    (visitor 0) thanks jaesh for your time. I must say something doesnt seemquite right with your casino, being told one thing one minute and something different the next. I get the feeling that if i won anything you wouldnt pay me and just refer me back to your terms and conditions (You must register/login in order to see the link.) So i have decided against opening a new account. Thanks but no thanks

    (jaesh) please hold while i check the site details

    (jaesh) when opening the newaccount you will be given the 25 with no deposit bonus as it states on the site, and if you win from the bonus you would need to deposit 50 dollars or nay currencie before you cash out any winnings

    (visitor 0) is it just me or are your terms misleading or wrong as it clearly states that you can NEVER cashout any winnings.

    (visitor 0) please can you provide a link to the most up to date terms. You have already given conflicting versions of the rules, who am i to believe?

    (visitor 0) nowhere can i find any mention of having to deposit $50. Where is this stated?

    (jaesh) Bonuses will be automatically removed from player's accounts on a withdrawl request and only winnings generated from the bonus can be cashed in based on the a-fore mentioned points.

    (visitor 0) I may play without a bonus then, maybe you could let the management know the terms andcondions need an update. At the moment i am very confused, you are a strange casino.

    (jaesh) as it states on the term, the details you have read is correct

    (jaesh) you may not withdraw any winnings from the bonus

    (jaesh) its a free play.

    (visitor 0) so have you made up your mind?

    (jaesh) the details im giving is correct

    (jaesh) i apologize for the info before

    (visitor 0) so back to my original question the $25 bonus isnt really money but just @free play@ i.e. it might as well be $25,000,000 if i can never cash in, correct?

    (jaesh) correct

    (visitor 0) ok thanks for your time , think i'll stick to real play

    (jaesh) you welcome

    Generous bonus eh?
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  2. Mar 19, 2007
  3. JlSpitFirelC

    JlSpitFirelC Experienced Member

    It would have been easier if the person said

    "Every bad assumption you have about our casino is correct."

    "I will agree with you on everything you say even when you are questioning something I said."

    "I do not care for this job, go screw yourself."

    Seriously that was ridiculous.

    The only way i can ever relate to that was when I played at Mansion Casino (I think it was there), I could not find specific wager requirements so I msged support and was told incorrect amounts. When I went to withdraw I was denied and was told something higher. I was then unable to meet them.
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  4. Mar 20, 2007
  5. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom

    I thought Windows casino had been taken over by Wager Junction:confused:, that example is a shocking display of uselessness, and looks like the same old "windows casino" as before. It looked like the rep did not have a clue what this was all about, and was just bluffing their way through.

    Even if they claim there is no account on the system, this does not mean they won't find one if you took the advice to register a new one, and then cashed out for the first time.

    That is also an example of the "cutting edge" Talisma chat software:rolleyes: Possibly it was Talisma translating the session into Gibberish from Double Dutch:rolleyes:
  6. Mar 20, 2007
  7. lojo

    lojo Banned User - repetitive violations of <a href="ht

    My brief encounter with those guys made me think they didn't know who or what casino they were! And sometimes they didn't know or care who I was, really strange.
  8. Mar 20, 2007
  9. happygobrokey

    happygobrokey Dormant account

    student of life
    they have mailed me with that no deposit bonus offer too :eek: i was just coming on to post that.

    and it says "as a long time customer" they want to invite me back to the newly branded and renovated windows casino!

    erm, never played there before. i've been using windows for a long time, but no such casino. :confused:

    i don't know how to do all that fancy junk you guys do to trace and identify spammers, but the email comes from "e-mailsolutions.co.uk on behalf of windows casino" which sounds like just the sort of thing you guys want to investigate. i can forward the mail to anyone who's interested in following it up or whatever.

    and what/who is wagerjunction? are they crooks? that's all i have to add and ask. good day
  10. Mar 21, 2007
  11. tronk

    tronk Dormant account

    To be honest i dont remember playing with windows either, its just the username is one i used to use, and its possible that i signed up but forget to keep track.

    Seemingly im a "long time customer" too though. And the email i believe came from the same address. I wonder if there's anyone else who recieved the same but cant remember/ hasn't played before. Did you recieve your username in the email too, was it one from a different casino youv'e signed up for in the past?
    I've not heard of this before but is it possible that they pretend you have an account in order to involve you downloading the casino and suck you in??

    Anyway who gives out bonuses that can never be won from, i think its pretty misleading. I thought playtech offered free play, so its not as if they can say its to test the casino out.

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