Onluck Casino Okay?


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Nov 4, 2001
Anybody know if is reputable?

Also, I know Grand Banks is listed as an approved casino on OPA but has anybody has good or bad experiences with them?


Be very careful - this casino is part of the Golden Comps/Five Roses group owned by ipimedia and managed by a singularly arrogant fellow called Paul Jergens. They had a major hassle on very tenuous disqualification grounds with a player who won big earlier this year and some pretty worrying indications emerged which included possible use of a "no appeal" blacklist.
Hey Jetset, are you referring to Grand Banks or Grand Banks is one of the few places I play, but found them to be quite good. I like the layout, and find there support people pretty cheery and helpful.

Please let me know which of the two casinos you were talking about, because that type of talk makes me nervous :confused: .
Sorry - I was answering the first sentence in ufojoe's question. I know nothing detrimental about Grand Banks.

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