welches on wager


Joe Cafiero

Would like to hear if there is anyone else out there that was screwed out of some substainal winnings from Had $2000 taken away from my account when they decided to change their mind on a proposition wager concerning the Yankee/Met game on 6/17. They had a proposition bet on would would strikeout first. One of the choices was "none of the above" at 200-1. J Posada had the first strikeout and was not part of the list. They gave me the $2000 that I clearly won only to take it back b/c according to them "none of the above" meant that none of the players listed would ever strikeout in the game. They would not respond to the issue that I brought up and just said that the matter is closed. Now they will not respond to any emails that I send to them. I know of one other person that this happened to and would like to hear if there are others out there who were shafted like we were. My email address is Look forward to hear from you.