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Aug 29, 2013
Hello Everyone, I was directed here by another forum as I'm looking for advice with something that happened on Tuesday evening.

I've read the introduction guide, and I see that I'm supposed to contact the casino rep for this particular casino, but I'd still like advice first if possible? Feel free to shoot me down if I've done the wrong thing.

The slot in question is in the Games section of their site. Does this make a difference to where I've posted this?

I won a few £ on sports at a well known UK bookmaker, (all online). I thought I'd try out a few of their slot games with some of the profit. So I decided to play a jackpot style slot with 3 levels of progressive Jackpot. Looking at the paytable it said 5 of a certain symbol wins the smallest progressive, 6 wins the medium and 7 wins the largest.

So I played quite a few games at minimum stakes, was up a few £ so carried on. It's the type of game where if you get a win line, the symbols are removed and you get more drop down so you can get several wins in one spin. Anyway, after a few more minutes I span and got 5 of the jackpot symbols. Wow I thought. Then the words "You have won the mini jackpot" flashed across the screen and stayed there. The mini jackpot was £1400+.

I first got concerned when the payout on the right showed 5 x Jackpot Symbols winnings £0. Before the next spin I took some screenshots, then span again hoping the jackpot would appear in my balance. Nothing. I contacted live support who couldn't help but escalated the issue to technical support.

Yesterday I received this email:

We write with regard to the message you received via pop up where it says you have won the mini jackpot.

This was escalated to our Technical Team to check for the reason why you didn’t receive the amount. Further checking of the issue shows the amount wasn’t credited due to the fact that the minimum stake contribution of the player to qualify for the mini jackpot should be £1. In your case, you only had a stake of £0.20. This information can be verified in the game rule via the “help” section of the game.

With regard to the message which should have not appeared in the first place; this was caused by some technical glitch in the system which our Technical Team is currently working on.

As a gesture of goodwill, the Management offer to double your total bet (£14.6) for the whole gameplay which is £30.

We understand that what we are offering is comparatively lesser to the jackpot amount; however, we hope that this would be enough to close the issue.

Please accept our sincerest apologies.

They are correct, this is clearly written in the game rules. The reason I have a complaint is that every other jackpot game on their site states very clearly in the paytable what the minimum amount is for the jackpot, and in some cases greys out the jackpot when minimum stakes aren't met. The game I played stated clearly in the paytable, even when I had my 20p stake ready to spin, that 5 jackpot symbols = mini jackpot.
Also, every other game that requires a minimum stake still pays out well for jackpots, where this one paid zero, but still told me I had won the jackpot.

I have replied to the email giving my reasons why I refuse their offer, but no reply yet.

What would you advise?
If it's stated in the game RULES (if it doesn't say on the pay-table) that the minimum bet is £1, they you are out of luck I'm afraid.
What other slots do is entirely irrelevant -you can't assume anything based on them.


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