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Mar 15, 2005
When I was in Nevada a couple of months ago I found that I enjoyed the low-cost tournaments more than solitare gambling. Perhaps it was the human competition rather than competing against a RNG that attracted me. Perhaps it was that the hotel/casino offered some free games. Perhaps it was the $10-20 buyins. Whatever, I returned home to the East Coast and now I sorta miss those competitions.

I'm not interested in table poker, just the games in the message title. Wonder what the community has come across that's worth looking into. Not trying to get rich, just have some fun. :thumbsup:
Don't know about slots, but Global Player casino occassionally offers blackjack, video poker and roulette tourneys. These are tourneys with a small buy-in and play chips to use for the duration.

Many other sites host 'tournaments' but these are usually races to see who can put the most action through a game, which I'm not sure is such a good idea.
A few Crypto's have tourneys on a regular basis (Intercasino & Will Hill for sure).
These are proper competitions - everyone starts with the same chips and has to see who can turn them into the biggest bank roll in a given time!
I haven't played any for a while, but they are good, and overall I am in the black from them! :cool:
Thanks for the info. Global Casino seems to have continuous blackjack for groups of 5 and monthly tournaments for larger groups. I don't see anything right off the bat on the William Hill site but will do more looking

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