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Feb 25, 2007
Kuala Lumpur
I used to play the scratch cards back when I was in Australia where you buy a card at the grocery store and scratch it with your coin/key then you would get a prize. Din't know they had it online. Anybody got any experience in it?

Here's an example:
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A lot of the online casino's have similar, along with the UK National Lottery site. Whereas with online slots you get pretty much the same experience as in a real casino, I think with scratch cards you miss out on the fun bit - i.e actually scratching it!

Mind you, I've never really been a fan of the real ones.

I know all Microgaming and CryptoLogic casino's offer a few scratchcard games, plus you can go blow your winnings on the slots or the tables too...

I have played at scratch2cash or something like that, forget the name. It was pretty fun, but when neteller went down I couldnt play there anymore.

I hit some 200 and 300 dollar card wins off of 1 dollar scratchers there.

Not my thing but you can "virtualy scratch" the cards by keeping the L mouse button pressed and making a wiping motion
Online Scratch cards

Yeah, I also played on Scratch2Cash and recently went back! I also use Neteller to deposit and I have no problems using them on the site- I actually find it the quickest way to get my money back. F.Y.I amatrine.
I got a few good ones when I use to play at Inet. I think I have some screenshots up. I thought they were fun

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