Online Prepaid Cards For Casinos


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Mar 5, 2016
Can you tell me some good online prepaid cards for casinos? The ones Ive tried don' t work.

I am not sure if it's the same globally or just Aus Law but many of those visa/prepay cards have t&c that doesn't allow gambling/betting-I don't actually think they are that great anyhow for any sort of shopping in my experience too many fees/issues. Useless. But I recently discovered paysafe credit after a voucher was given as gift with some lotto tickets:thumbsup:

I didn't know they were available to Aus at all, so I asked the guy at the newsagents and I have bought a couple more-I only had cash at the time and it saved waiting for bank transfer times later on-and there is even no fee!:rolleyes:


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Jun 4, 2013
what works

australia payment options
some visa credit savings i had a anz card that worked
anything MasterCard wont be able to recive money back it get flagged
best deposit via poli into a skrill account and go from there keeps the casio names from you bank statement too as its a wallet not just for gaming i use it for ordering laptop parts ect from dhgate too

try the post vards the reloadable ones i have managed to register internet domains with those and a few other grey area things.
casinos will also ask for scans of cards too so be awawe that it must have your name on it for kyc.