Online Gambling!! Money Maker Or Money Taker ?

GGW Laurie

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Jun 16, 2006
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So just how much money does online gambling generate around the world and how much money is spent by those willing to be entertained online with the hopes of cashing out?

I did some checking but maybe someone else can find some better results, just how much money does a honest/ fair casino make in profits a year and how much money is lossed by players to the rogue or non rogue casinos?

Heres a few tid bits i found while reading up on this........

The Internet has proven to be a fantastic medium for gambling,'' says Richard Carter, an equities analyst who covers the leisure industry at London-based brokerage Numis Corp.

Gambling Bubble?

Carter says as many as seven Internet gambling companies may sell shares to the public this year. ``Every online gambling sector is growing faster than its land-based counterpart,'' he says, comparing Internet gaming to traditional betting shops and casinos.

The hubbub surrounding Betfair and the host of new gambling sites recalls the Internet bubble of the late 1990s, says Paul Leyland, an analyst at London-based brokerage Seymour Pierce Ltd.

For these valuations to hold, there is an assumption that all companies in the medium to long term can grow at double-digit rates,'' Leyland says. ``We are skeptical.''

Yesterday, shares of PartyGaming Plc, which runs, the world's biggest poker site, plunged 33 percent to 105 pence, below the IPO price of 116 pence, after the company said revenue growth is slowing.

PartyGaming's Slowdown

Gibraltar-based PartyGaming went public in June, raising 1.04 billion pounds. It was the U.K.'s biggest IPO since Reading, England-based Yell Group Plc, which publishes Yellow Pages directories, raised 1.2 billion pounds in 2003.

Chief Executive Officer Richard Segal said on yesterday's conference call that the number of days during which regular users played poker rose 102 percent in the first half of 2005 from the same period a year earlier. In July and August, the pace slowed to 59 percent, he said.

In addition, the revenue that each active player generates is falling because casual gamblers are joining and they play less frequently. ``The market has been highly competitive for some time and remains highly competitive,'' Segal said.

Online gaming generated $8.2 billion in revenue last year, or about 3 percent of the $243 billion global gambling market, according to New York-based research firm Christiansen Capital Advisors.

Betfair Stands Out

The online poker market alone soared to $1 billion in 2004 from $92 million in 2002. While revenue at traditional casino and gaming companies is likely to edge up 3 percent a year through 2009, revenue at online companies will surge about 22 percent annually to reach about $23 billion in that year, Christiansen predicts.

Oelbermann says Betfair stands out from competitors. He compares it to EBay Inc., the San Jose, California-based online auction house that matches buyers and sellers in a global marketplace.

Betfair charges nothing to a person who offers a wager. It takes a maximum cut of 5 percent of a winning bet. The strategy eliminates the bookmaker, the agent who offers odds and accepts bets for a fee.

In traditional casinos or gambling sites, customers play against the house, which builds a profit margin into the odds, making it hard to win, Black says.
This is from a players veiw of it.............

Gambling Online is Where the Moneys At
When Im gambling online, Im out to make some serious profit. Thats why I started playing online casinos to start with. Playing the land casinos is great and the profits can be huge, but gambling online gives you an advantage.

For one, online casinos offer free money bonuses. You can get $100 and up just for joining a casino, for trying different games, for winning, or for being a loyal player. Some online casinos will even match your initial deposit to a certain amount, usually $500 or more. I dont think I really need to tell you, if youre pulling in $500 from the start and a couple $100 bonuses during the week, youve made a nice profit without even doing anything. Not only that, but the bonus offer you a nice padding to your profits which allows for more aggressive, and hopefully profitable, play.

Gambling online is also where youll find the most tables of all different types of buy-ins and pay-outs. Youll never have to play a table thats higher or lower than you want and youll never have to fight for a seat which means more time for making money. And, since internet gambling offers the most casino games youll find anywhere, youll never have a problem finding your money maker.

Gambling online offers a lot of pluses to any gambler interested in making money. From bonuses, to games, to the many other online gamblers who are a great source of information on strategy and playing tips; online gambling has it all.


Now a tid bit about players and losses.....

When it comes to humans, they have the inability to actually be able to accept and admit defeat in a gracious way.
In fact, this inability dates all the way back to ancient times when the man was known as a hunter gather. When it comes to the topic of losing back during those times, losing could mean a life or death situation. Back then people mainly hunted for food to feed their families. This type of feeling of loss or defeat has actually taken the time to embed itself in a mains mind and over the years it can even now be translated into the smallest loss when it occurs on an online gambling site.
It is a known fact that there is no one at there that like to lose at anything. You can also divide the loss into two different groups as well. The first type of group would be the actual event of losing money that is normally in the bankroll. What this means is that if an online gambler was to actually start out with five hundred dollars and then the gambler finishes with nothing, the actual loss was five hundred dollars. The second group would be the case of if the online gambler started out with five hundred dollars and then some how work his or her way up to fifteen hundred dollars then he or she finally broke even, what this means is that the loss was really zero in all actuality but one thousand in theory.

Rogue casinos and profit margins

I cant find anything on it as of yet, but i would assume its in the billions of dollars from ripping off new uneducated online players imo!!!!!!!!!

Al these facts can be found at your fingertips on the internet, always a good idea to read up on these issues, even if some are out dated, never hurts to be aware of whats going on in the gambling world around you..............laurie