Online gambling legal in Mexico


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Feb 22, 2001

New provisions in federal law on gaming now permits Internet gambling websites

It appears from an article in Interactive Gaming News this week that the Mexican government has accepted the legitimacy of online gambling, in stark contrast to the policies of next door neighbour the USA which seeks to cripple the pastime with financial restrictions.

The industry information and news site reports that the Federal Law of Games and Draws has granted 300 licenses to bingo halls, and included a new paragraph in the law that expressly permits online gambling companies to operate in Mexico, and with very little interference from the government.

Quoting the Mexican newspaper La Jornada, IGN says that Mexico's Department of the Interior has written rules for the operation of online gambling sites, but has omitted many of the regulatory controls needed to ensure safety and responsibility in online gambling in the country.

Essentially, La Jornada says, it only establishes guidelines for the types of businesses that can operate in the country.

Online gambling company Backgammon has been quick to open up operations in Mexico, and said it is committed to transparent gaming. For example, it uses data encryption to avoid credit card frauds.

The company said it plans to expand its business into the rest of Latin America.

"People like playing like Las Vegas.," Backgammon Director of Operations Abraham Atri Mizarahi told La Jornada. "We are considering that there is a growing interest on bets."


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Mar 15, 2007
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Very interesting news.
Including Mexico the latinamerican market is more than 400 million people with a good number of internet users.

Regarding the US, I would like to see how this can be compatible with NAFTA

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