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I know a great gambling site with enough incentives for you to at least check it out. will give 50% on top of your deposit up to five hundred dollars. They also throw in an extra$20 just for telling them where you heard about the site. And as if that is not enough they offer a re-seller program which allows you to make money off people you direct to the site. It is a safe and reliable site. One of the better ones I'm sure you'll see.
Atlantic Interbet gives a $100 bonus to all new members,
Be sure to read the fine print when it comes to bonuses, sometimes you are much further ahead to go with the standard 10% bonus on initial the deposits. Deposit the thousand, get the hundred, wager that, and withdraw the thousand. Generally with the 10% bonus you are only obligated to wager the bonus itself, and nothing extra. VERY important to check into those details. As I work for casinos I won't name names, but with the 10% bonus, referral bonuses for sending your friends to the site (10% or fixed $ amounts) and different seasonal bonuses (NFL, March Madness) you will probably be much further ahead than with the above posted bonuses. (Plus neither site appealed to me whatsoever)

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