Online gambling guilty pleas (BetOnSports)


Ueber Meister Mouse
Sep 12, 2004
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ST. LOUIS (AP) - Three men who helped promote the online gambling firm BetOnSports have pleaded guilty to federal charges.

William Hernan Lenis, his son, Will Lenis, and nephew Manny Lenis entered the pleas Wednesday in St. Louis. Attorneys for the Miami men said they were minor players caught up in a high-profile investigation. The U.S. attorney's office in St. Louis in 2006 accused BetOnSports, its executives and others of illegally accepting bets online.

Later that year, the government settled civil charges against BetOnSports and permanently barred the company from accepting any bets from U.S. gamblers. The company itself pleaded guilty last year. The case has been watched closely by the multibillion-dollar online gambling industry.

Officials with the U.S. attorney's office in St. Louis declined to comment on Wednesday's pleas, citing pending cases against BetOnSports founder Stephen Kaplan and former chief executive David Carruthers. William Lenis, 55, pleaded guilty to interstate...