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By OPA on Thursday, December 7, 2000 - 04:43 am:

I have a stack of unanswered complaints about
Netclubcasino. They have problems.

I would not play there and would not recommend anyone play
there until they answer all the complaints that have been
filed with the OPA


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Brian Kennedy

I came across a rather peculiar site x (MOD Note: dead URL) which claims it pays a percentage of a players losses in its partner casinos like English harbour ,Starluck ,Prestige Casino etc.
In other terms they are claiming to be an Insurance service for Gambling that too for FREE.
Please post if anyone knows about this site.
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Hi Brian,

I'm not sure about this one. What they are doing is giving you a percentage "payback" from their affiliate programs. Sounds find and dandy, but you may suffer a loss in a casino, and someone else may hit it big bigtime causing their affiliate account to go in the red. You probably won't be paid when this happens. In fact, I think they state this in their FAQ.

Play it safe, just don't lose :)



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When Black Widow Casino was a sponsor here I played there several times. I won a small amount and they paid me very promptly.

Since I had good luck checking out Sci-Fi (see my other post), I decided to give Black Widow another shot. Now, I do not advocate going against The Casinomeisters rogue list!!!!!!! But, they want to come off and I have had a VERY good month with online casinos.

I took advantage of an email, 50% bonus plus 15% bonus for NETeller deposit. I have requested a cashin of $800 and have $300 still in my account.

Black Widow and Grand Banks appear to be closely tied. Last week I deposited $200 at Grand Banks and did a cashin of $800. I am anxious to see what happens there as well.

I will let you know how things turn out.

Does anyone else have any recent experience with Grand Banks or Black Widow?


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I was a member there when they were RTG sites, but haven't heard from them since they changed to Playtech. Some of my friends though keep getting these great offers from them and were thinking of taking them up on the offers, but were hesitant since the meister's got them on the s**t list. I love playtech's s/w and would be interested in playing there again because of their tournaments, but I'm not going to until I hear they've cleaned up their act.

They were great when I played them as RTG casinos, paid me promptly and without hassle. Did they have a change of management or something that casued the problems that got them blacklisted?


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Grand Banks has paid me in 7 days. It went directly into my NETeller account. :D

That is a lot quicker than I expected!

Black Widow sent me a a similar notice. I expect Black Widow to credit my account around April 1st.

Who knows? Maybe they have got their act together.


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That would be good, I always had fun there when it was RTG, and I'd like to go back now that they're playtech. Keep us posted on how it goes with BW.


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Geez, I didn't know Black Widow was on the rogue list. I played there for a while about two months ago and did very well. With an initial deposit of $200.00 I cashed in for $1,200.00 and it was in my Neteller account within five days. The next $200.00 got sucked up immediately, but that's the nature of the animal-so to speak. I'm dubious about going back at this point because the casinomeister has a record of hitting the nail on the head. If their behavior has improved, it might be due to his deligence. If they're for real, he will let us know.

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Do I, or dont I???????

I got an email from Black Widow for a 50% bonus up to $500!!!

Now true, the 2X purchase and 50X bonus (16.667X bonus overall) is a little steep, I can live with it.

It is a high roller bonus like this that got Black Widow in trouble the last time. I got my winnings from Grand Banks timely, but I dont expect my winnings from Black Widow until Monday. I was kind of hoping that it would come in today so I wouldnt be risking anything but my gains.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained,, orA fool and his money are soon parted.

Cover me Casinomeister, Im going in! :mg:


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I got my $800 from last week's cashin. It came in right on time to my NETellet account.

Now, from last Fridays, I purchased $800 with a 50% bonus and had a cashin of $1,600.

Will keep you guys posted.

So far, I am very pleased.


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Here's one I bet you haven't seen before, I hit this back in february at Zodiac Casino I believe it was.

Sure is pretty! I was in shock when I was dealt that on the first 5 cards.


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Is there a way to get these nice screenshot? Take a Polaroid or what? I hope to be able to take a picture for the next big winning!!!

But for now,... :cheers:


Ok, this night i got 5 more by email.

Polaroid :)

Since i miss taking a picture of a big win i always start my prog before playing :)

I need them: German users dont believe that you can really win in these online - casinos.


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I am assuming here that you are using Windows, or a PC, if you are you can send what ever is on your screen to the clip board by hitting printscrn on your keyboard. Then immediately open a graphic program or Word and with mouse left click somewhere on the blank page of the graphic program or Word and then right click and choose paste.