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May 23, 2004
Hi everybody!

I have a question about online casinos and neteller. How do they verify that I am I am not somebody else pretending to be me?

Do they (casinos and neteller) send out snail mail with a confirmation number and only if I get the letter and enter the number my account is verified or do they just check my cc details? I ask because I don't think a US company like neteller or a casino somewhere on this globe would send a letter to europe, right!?

Oh and I have another question: could you recommend a casino without an inpayment and a small bonus just for registering!? I think this is the best way to start playing online and learning how things work because I don't want to transfer 50 bucks just to get a 50 bucks bonus for a start (better start low thank risk too much money).

Cheers for every answer,

Neteller (Canadian; as far as my understanding; although they are opening an office overseas last I heard - their office isn't too far from where I live) will take your banking info and deposit a small amount (less than a dollar) in to your account. This takes a day or two. Once received; you are to return to your Neteller account and enter the amount received to verify your account. So, unless someone has access to all your stuff that 'verification' process should suffice.

As far as casino recommendations - i'm a loyal Lasseters player. I like that the minimum deposit is $5..(wait, I think it's $10US now). I'm a 'low-roller' and just play to keep myself amused - suprisingly I have won a fair bit with small deposits there..but then I get greedy. There is a no deposit sign up bonus and lots of perks. I also liked that after months of trying to deposit with the same Neteller account I had been using and getting 'error' messages that both Neteller and Lasseters 'liased' to rectify the problem (just a technical glitch) and gave me some money to play with in the interim. (or to shut me up because I kept bugging them - :D ).

Hope that helps!
NETeller operates in the Isle of Man and offers accounts to almost every country around the world, and because of where their head office is based, they must comply with strict European regulations when dealing with identity verification. Europe has the toughest laws and regulations in place to prevent Identity theft, at least compared to other countries. On top of using a bank account to verify clients, NETeller also has a 24 hour security department that reviews all accounts and verifys the identity of every single customer.

This is what has carried NETeller to success in this industry, along with their excellent relationships with merchants and clients. You can be sure that your account and information with NETeller is safe, secure, and confidential.
You can always ask instruction from their customer support via e-mail, from live chat (Java-based) in Neteller site, call to Neteller, or ask their call you. And if you don't speak/understand english, i bet they search you someone, who translate your question or anything, like my case, (when i certificate my neteller account). I got service with Finnish language. And when i deposit via netbank to my Neteller account, it is there in 1-2 days, because they just open bank account to Finnish customers. :thumbsup:
Thanks for all the answers. Thats good news to hear. I applied for an online lotto account a couple of weeks ago because my family likes to play lotto and they have send me a letter with instructions and various pin codes to get the account running and proof that I am the one who opened the account and because there is nothing about these security issues on the neteller website (at least I didn't found anything) I was a bit worried.

Thanks again!

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