Online casinos are like the wild west


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Dec 14, 2003
People need to understand online casinos are like the wild west. Marked decks, loaded dice, gaffed wheels etc.. Not exactly but you know what I'm saying. When your only recource is "pitch a bitch'' . Not that Brian hasn't done a good job helping people solve problems with various casinos. But he's like a town sheriff. He can only do so much. When you play online go in thinking that your up against it in every way, because you are. Look at all the complaints regarding various casinos. Where theres smoke theres fire. The online casino got one part right and that's excepting your money. They can do that in ten different ways. No problem, because once they have it they've got you. Don't get me wrong. I gamble on line. I'm not saying don't do it. Just be realistic in your goals when you do. Hey, for some part of the excitement is trying to win to see if their going to get paid. Once they do get this online gambling worked out it's going to be great. Let's see how many on these casinos that are up and running now will be around then. Till them always carry your six shooter and be ready for a shoot out.
''People need to understand online casinos are like the wild west''

I agree but I wouldn't exaggerate that much.I don't and I believe most of us don't consider casinos from cryptologic,boss media and microgaming wild west.
Certainly RTG's ones are from wild west though:D

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