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I think Paypal went the way of the dinosaur when it comes to payment options. It's good for Ebay and a few other sights. That's about it. Most players are now using Neteller.

If you are at a casino site that states that they are accepting Paypal, stay away. It's either a site that hasn't been updated since last fall, or they are on the take.
Every since eBay bought Paypal, Paypal no longer accepted on-line gambling transactions.

Listen to admin and use NETeller, it is just like Paypal.

If you haven't set up a NETeller account yet, I found a site that is offering $25 without any deposit requirements: Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) Check it out and ask support for a pin #. (if this promo is already listed in the "Online Casino Promos and Ads", please remove)

What's the 4-1-1 on this I never heard of them nor have I seen any advertisement for this casino. Is this one of those fly-by-night casinos? Is it a RTG or MicroG casino? What is their track record? Payments info, rogueist behavior? I would appreciate any info on this casino Praise or complaints. Thanks. :cheers:
The guys at WOL and Bet2Gamble have been trying them and so far there do not appear to be any problems. This is what Casinomeister News said about them last month:

"We chose the final cool casino this week because it is such an unusual...and has 35 Flash technology games on a site that also carries a community venue, chatroom, winner's stories, gratis email, an online shopping mall and of course a casino - all with a Las Vegas theme. Plenty to do here! We are told the software is proprietary, and it is not world-beating in quality. Support services are available, and the e-cash routes through a company called G-Cash. There are signups of up to $300 but visitors are urged to read the T&Cs very, very carefully."
Thanks, Jetset for the info. :p I just might give them a try. I don't like playing casinos that uses Playtec. I was satisfied and winning with the old software and now all my favorite casinos have switched to Playtec so I am looking for casinos that games remind me of the land based casinos and casinos that do not have playtec. advertises on radio here in Toronto. I too have not seen much on the net about them. Perhaps they have just decided to market differently than everyone else.

Side note: the only casinos that I have heard of advertising on the radio have been ivegas, galaxiworld and golden palace. All three of which seem to advertise less using traditional internet techniques.
I just used Neteller for the first time,... The only drawback is the conversion rate! Outch! :crazy: It was much lower with Paypal.
Hi Ceqep,

The dollar rate right now is at a near all time low. It's down 20% against the Euro which may be your problem.
As a newby, my experience is OK with iVegas. Just got a confirmation from them that I'm getting my check. Sweet, I didn't waste my time. :lolup:

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