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Jul 27, 2006
Hi there, Im doing so research on online casinos for a school paper and I looking for some feedback from users who use online casinos.

What Im looking for is what casino(s) you play on what do you like about them and what would you like to change about them, Im looking at this more from a software usability standpoint more then anything but all feedback is appreciated
I think Microgaming Viper software is head and shoulders above the rest, especially for slots. Very good graphics and sounds, and a great feel to the casinos. The only negative thing I have to say about them is that there is no easy way to track how much you wager (the playcheck feature should be redone.)

For table games there are several good ones, and the most important thing there is speed, graphics and sounds are not that important. Crypto, Boss and Casino-on-net are all too slow, especially the latter two.

And I hate software with short pay tables for video poker.

My 2 cents....
I agree that for table games speed is the main thing. For example, I hate it when they make a big production of checking for dealer blackjack. Just deal the cards.

For video poker, auto-hold is key.

MG has the slickest-looking slots, but I now prefer RTG's Real-Series. I think they have the game speed just right, they build a little excitement when you are on the verge of hitting the bonus rounds, and pretty good frequency of bonus rounds too.
I never gambled on at real casinos. I was only playing table games until Microgaming started with the free-spins slots - now I am a slots junkie. For table games I prefer Wagerlogic software.

BTW, did microgaming invent the "free spins" mode or is that something they took from land based casinos?
Microgaming is the best for slots but the graphics are also excellent for Playtech. The best multiplayer games are churned out by Wagerlogic/Cryptologic where the chat function is great. They have also improved on their slots too.

I understand that there is a summary of various gaming software at although this hasnt been updated for nearly 2 years. You can check this out.
looking4opinion said:
What Im looking for is what casino(s) you play on what do you like about them and what would you like to change about them, Im looking at this more from a software usability standpoint more then anything but all feedback is appreciated

More player control over the reverse withdrawal time would be a good start ;) I'd also like to see more community interaction (as Crypto do on thir multiplayer games - chuchu points this out). Free sandwiches would be a nice touch too.
Agreed, Simmo - there should be a checkbox in the cashier page which, when checked, would eliminate the reversal period. The user should be able to decide with every withdrawal.

Microgaming is my favorite of all software providers, but even the giant has some serious downfalls. First thing I don't like, is when you are installing them they automatically assume you want Full Screen mode.

Another thing is that they have designed their own Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons... I am used to clicking the application name in the taskbar to minimize a program, but with MG you have to use their buttons to do this, which means it takes longer to hide the casino when someone you don't want snooping is walking by (unless you have some other maximized window open and hit Alt+Tab). ;) Similarly, some software will bring itself back to the top when you try to switch to another application. AAARGH! I know where the damn window is and where I left it, I don't need you to bring it back to the foreground because I switched out of it for a couple seconds!

Also, whenever you launch an MG casino you're forced to put up with the not-so-charming little movie and its associated sounds, even if you have the sound option turned off. The same goes for most of the video slots. I have my computer hooked up to a stereo and I don't always remember to turn my stereo down... then when I open up a casino and JUMP OUT OF MY FRIGGIN SEAT BECAUSE IT'S SO FLIPPIN' LOUD :D I tend to get a little resentful of MG for blatantly ignoring the user's sound settings.

But enough about Microgaming...

Slot games that make a gigantic freakin' production out of every single win - no matter how tiny - and force you to wait until the Broadway Feature Presentation is finished before you can spin again, are just plain aggravating. Just give me my damn 40 cents and let me spin again.

Wagerlogic software - specifically, the games menu - is exxxxccccrrruuuuuciiiiiaaaattttiiiingllllyyyy slow, yet the speed of the games themselves is perfectly fine.

I like that Playtech video poker lets you double half of your win, so at least you can walk away with something. Alternatively, I don't like being forced to click "Collect" after every single hand - every VP game should have the option to turn off the double feature, and to double half if the feature is enabled.
Thanks all for your input. It has been most useful. For all those who have read this thread but did not comment, please do all feedback is welcome.

Thanks again to all who have posted
I love to play slots.
At MG I hate the bet MAX button.

Playtech is okay, video poker good graphics and the option for double half.
New slots with free spins are now offered. The only bad thing in the playtech gruop is that withdrawals are 4 days in pending before they are approved.
DISCLAIMER: I never play slots.

Unequivocably the best software for a player such as myself is...


The games are not fast but they are quick. The platform is quite stable and their reporting functionality far exceeds all other providers. Their graphics are less cartoonish and all their licensees are all highly respectable operations.

Microgaming is a not too distant second.

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