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Bonus Complaint online casino refuses to pay $33,000.00 due to miss guided welcome bonus rules

Discussion in 'Casino Complaints - Bonus Issues' started by fightforit77, Oct 28, 2015.

    Oct 28, 2015
  1. fightforit77

    fightforit77 Dormant account

    Could someone please advise me on a problem my partner encountered with a malta based online casino.

    He deposited $25.00 aud under the welcome bonus which as you know requires a play through. Now on saying this once youve done the play through you are then allowed to make a withdraw of 6x your original deposit which would total to $150.00aud and the remainding balance would be forfeited no matter what the left over balance is.

    This is where it gets heart breaking. Now my partner ended up winning a total of $32,658.00 aud. He and i were extatic. Now following this we logged into live chat suppot where they congratulated him and asked him how much he wanted to withdraw from his gaming account and into his bank account which he had joined up using poli.

    He told live support he wanted to withdraw $30,000.00 which left him a total of roughly $2,658.00. They then asked him if he could email i.d verification i.e drivers licence, bsnk account details etc. Which he did. About 2 hours later he logged back in and played down the remaining balnce of $2,568.00 to $0.00. So the next day he rang through to the xasino to ask if they had recieved his i.d documents in which he was once again congratulated for his win. Yes they had recieved his i.d documents and they wanted yo confirm his bank details which he did.

    So we waited 48 hours after that conversation and in his bank account was a deposit from the casino of only $150.00 aud. We contacted the casino and then they hit us with the "sorry but you joined up on the sign up bonus so your only entitled to 6x your original deposit and all remaining balance would be forfeited.

    Now correct me if im wrong. My partner joined up on the welcome bonus. Not the sign up bonus. And they led us to believe he had actually won and they did this for the next 3 days after his win. Only to turn around on day 4 and start throwing rules and conditions in our faces.

    Rules and conditions ehich they had broken from the get go of the win. The playthrough rules say once playthrough requirements were met then you would be able to withdraw 6x the amont u originally deposited and the remaining balance would be forfeited. However after congratulating him. The left the $2,568.00 in there for him which by their rules and conditions sgould of been forfeited.

    But they left it in there for him to keep playing. We are trying to dispute this as its hurt my partner and broken him. Of course the casino has thrown every excuse at us even to say that because the account was a new account that it is at managements discretion and is final when it comes to payouts.

    So please if anyone could give me some advice please it would help me to fix my partner who is broken over this. Thank you


    fightforit77 (Heather)
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 28, 2015
  2. Oct 28, 2015
  3. Deeplay

    Deeplay New World Order CAG mm1 webmeister

    Works For Self
    The biG Eu
    Hi a truly horrible situation for you both!! Problem is though if it was in the terms and conditions at the time he took the bonus and it clearly states that the max withdraw is 6xs the deposit then even though these terms are really dreadful they will have covered themselves and I highly doubt you will see the money. Another casino Sugar Casino has such terms (its 10x the bonus amount of withdraw) so a number of outfits are now employing this kind of thing sadly.

    It is though interesting they let you play down the balance that was left in your account but I suppose they could say "we did not realize there was a bonus attached" With such a large amount the casino would anyway run checks and they seem to have caught you out with the 6xs rule.

    You can check to see if the terms and condition on this point were in place at the time of his deposit or if they were added afterwards (but clutching at straws on that one)

    Its a very hard lesson to learn but its exactly this kind of thing that makes it imperative players read ALL terms and conditions before joining / depositing. Maybe someone else here has another take on this. But reading through your post (difficult as it was just one splurge of text ... no paragraphs) Im kinda thinking your pretty much screwed here and the casino will stick the terms and conditions and they wont be anything you can do about it.

    Anyone else ?

    P.s care to name the Casino in question ?
  4. Oct 28, 2015
  5. FAZI1

    FAZI1 Experienced Member

    Punta Cana
    You forgot add casino name - But this was probably some microgaming software casino - Few microgaming casinos have this rule - " Max cashauts from welcome bonus 6 x bonus amount "

    Rule is add deep in general terms and conditions - hidden. So basicly this is just trap. When player registered confirmed terms and conditions so if they have this rule in terms and conditiions then they can dealted your winings over 6 x bonus amount....

    Other things is - Rule like this hidden in deep general terms is just unacceptable - A lot new fish players dont reead all site rulez before take welcome bonus and go to trap .... If somone know how ridicolus bonus rulez casino offered ( in this case 100% welcome bonus with wagering x 40 or x 50 bonus and max cashauts 6 x deposit amount ) Then nobody take thier bonuses - So they just hidden this rule in general terms and conditions / Not under welcome bonus terms and conditions .
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  6. Oct 28, 2015
  7. Cocochanel

    Cocochanel Experienced Member

    SPIN PALACE I think......read the same story at ThePogg....
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  8. Oct 28, 2015
  9. zebedy

    zebedy No!!!! Im Spartacus MM webmeister

    brain stergeon
    Up a Tree
    If you access the site from the UK the 6X rule is now in the welcome bonus T&Cs.
    Is it different when accessing the site from other countries ? I cant access them as it says they do not accept players from the UK at
    xxxspinpalace.com so it says to go to the sister site xxxspinpalace.co.uk.

    If they are in the one but not the other, why not ?, you could argue that they are deliberately trying to catch players out that play from other countries by hiding them in the general T&Cs.

    What i find odd is that they say they dont accept players from the UK at xxxspinpalace.com so it redirects me to xxxspinpalace.co.uk these casino's run by the same people, why have 2 casino's, are these 2 casino's different in some way, why have the .com version at all if you have the .co.uk version.

    id better stop now, my tin foil hats starting to burn my head :eek2:
  10. Oct 28, 2015
  11. fightforit77

    fightforit77 Dormant account

    playthrough at their discretion i bet

    I understand completely about the playthrough bonus. And yes it was spin palace. The thing that got me was that they (the live support ppl) convinced myself and my partner he had actually won. And as for the playthrough yes he did that but in winning the $33,000.00 he asked to withdraw $30,00.00 and that wasnt the issue either. What got me was the fact that in the welcome sign up bonus....once the play through requirements have been met you can withdraw 6x the amount of ur original deposit which in his case was $25.00. So 6x that would be $150.00. And that all remaining balances would be forfeited. So why did they let him withdraw $30,000.00 and they left him with over $2,600.00 left in his account and said to him "Please feel free to keep playing. Considering the remaining balance should of been forfeited as in the t&c's. But it wasnt. They let him play it right down like it was his own cash. I also forgot to mention we recorded every conversation we had with live support and took untold screenshots. Ud be very surprised at how convinced even live support were when they congratulaed him on such a win.
  12. Oct 29, 2015
  13. Harry_BKK

    Harry_BKK Meister Member CAG mm1

    job is OK
    Live Support won't check if you played and won using a bonus. This is done by the payments team once a withdrawal is submitted, hence the congratulations from the CS agent were genuine and the forfeiting of the money above 6 x deposit was according to their T&C's.

    I am sorry to say but in your case there is very little chance to see any of those winnings.

    Spin Palace has been around for a very very long time and they are a decent casino. They have always been straight up about things and i never had any withdrawals denied. 30K is virtually peanuts for them and they wouldn't deny payment for such a "small" sum without reason.

    There has been a lot of discussion about this max "6 x or 10 x deposit" withdrawal limits and nobody like them but it is in their T&C's. You read them before you started playing and should have known that those winnings wouldn't be paid.

    On a personal note, I stopped playing at casinos where such limits are enforced.
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  14. Oct 29, 2015
  15. sueyh

    sueyh Senior Member

    home maker
    New Zealand
    Actually, what T & C says is that you can't withdraw more than $150, it doesn't say you can't play with it.

    I know it sucks. IMO, the casino that has such a horrible rule regarding to the bonus doesn't deserve to be called "a reputable casino".
    But there is not much you can do since it is clearly on T & C.
  16. Oct 30, 2015
  17. brianleeporter

    brianleeporter Experienced Member

    What a horrible situation.

    That's why I always read T&C's when using bonuses or joining casinos.

    Surely the casino could do something? But probably won't.
  18. Oct 30, 2015
  19. dunover

    dunover Unofficial T&C's Editor Staff Member CAG PABnononaccred PABnonaccred PABinit mm3 webmeister

    International Money Launderer
    the bus shelter, opposite GCHQ Benhall
    There was a thread about this shite a while back, in which I had checked all the terms of download MG sites. Spin Palace casinos, VPL, FL and Hippodrome etc. all have this scumbag term hidden away. Me and KasinoKing were arguing which had it - let's just say it's easier to name those which don't - 32red group and Casino Rewards.

    Unfortunately the OP has no chance of seeing a penny and I am gutted for her partner. If someone can dig out the thread you will see the sites.

    I am starting to believe we need a sticky on the forum for:

    1. License - linked casinos to prevent more victims of the EM and other groups' "Oh! we didn't spot the SE at a sister site for 2 months while you deposited and lost but miraculously noticed when you won and tried to w/d" scam

    2. Casinos with stupid SUB w/d limits, as in this case.

    Nowadays we need eyes up our arses even with supposedly 'good' casinos - even Simmo! (sorry mate) fell victim to this crapola in a thread he recently started.
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  20. Oct 31, 2015
  21. sigothx1

    sigothx1 Experienced Member

    Civil servant
    While im sorry this has happened as you obviously were unaware of the terms, you quite rightly wont see a penny of the 30k, its a predatory term i look for when signing up to a casino no bonus should have a cap in my opinion, however you seem to be upset more for the fact the CS/live support "agreed with your win" i work in CS for a casino, and i also work on the banking side ( the paying players side ) noone in CS/live support will know that your 30k is void, most people who work for online casinos haven't read there own casinos T's / C's ive read mine because im a player, most dont even gamble let alone want to waste there time reading something they dont need to, so you cannot put the blame on them for congratulating you, when a player emails/phones/live supports me with a query im not checking through there action logs to see if they have broke terms, im just assisting the player, so if i see a massive w/d i say congrats, i leave the voiding until im ready to pay the player, as almost all casinos would.

    You somehow think the fact you w/d 30k and was left with a balance means your entitled to see recompense? this isn't how it works, the casino i work for have 10's of thousands of people playing at any one time and reversing w/ds, cashing out, depositing is all part of the day to day, noone is monitoring this sort of thing, this gets monitored in processing, obviously major things like deposits from a card not in the customers details are checked regularly but withdrawals? not so much, thats dealt with every morning when we come to pay players. THEN we look at your account, and if we find youve breached the terms, we void.

    In an ideal world we would tell you the second you cash out if your w/d is vaild and if not the term you broke, but for a decent online casino with alot of business you simply cant, this is done once an account withdraws as in your case, you have clearly violated the terms, now a mention of term changes was stated by another poster, and if this was done DURING your withdrawal, you may have a slight chance, but i must say slight. 99% of casinos will have a term along the lines of "X casino reverses the right to amend/cancel/forfeit the terms of X at any time" in fact a casino would be dumb not to, and if they have a term like that, you have precisely 0% chance of seeing the money you withdrew.

    Take it as a lesson to read terms, as i mentioned before im a massive believer no bonus except a comp bonus should come with a max w/d, and its a predatory term designed to limit the damage to a casino which first and foremost is a business, i do feel sorry for the circumstance it must be horrible, but the casino hasn't done anything wrong, and the CS defiantly hasn't.
  22. Nov 2, 2015
  23. spintee

    spintee Meister Member webby mm2

    gambler :)
    I seen people mention the spinpalace but its also spincasino that has this horrible rule,

    If you ask me it makes the casino industry look real bad, Any decent licensing would want there head testing to allow this in the terms, & Yes alot of U.K licence casino have this rule,

    Like Harry pointed out, CS wouldn't really know and if they did they would keep it hush, Only find out when receive the poultry sum of x6 your deposit,

    I do feel for the pair of you, Its one of them things and not much can be done, No matter how much its talked about there will be always be new players that get conned into this rule
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