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Online casino question

Discussion in 'America the Beautiful' started by joshck84, Jan 29, 2013.

    Jan 29, 2013
  1. joshck84

    joshck84 Dormant account

    Summerfield, North Carolina, United States
    Can someone answer a couple of questions for me I have about online casinos?:
    1. is it legal to play them in North Carolina?
    2. how old do you have to be to play them? I am 18.
    3. do you have to file taxes on your winnings? If so, how would I go about doing that?
  2. Jan 31, 2013
  3. joshck84

    joshck84 Dormant account

    Summerfield, North Carolina, United States
  4. Jan 31, 2013
  5. sapit222

    sapit222 Senior Member MM PABaccred

    Hi & welcome to CM! :thumbsup:

    Im not the right person to answer your questions, couse im not from usa.

    In most (all?) states its not legal to play online.
    Lots do it anyway, but its more tricky.

    18 or 21 i would guess the age is in most casinos.

    I dont think you can pay taxes when it comes to online casinos atm.

    Not much of answers, sorry. :oops:
  6. Jan 31, 2013
  7. Jasminebed

    Jasminebed Closer to 100 than Birth

    Not in workforce
    As far as age, you need to check casino terms. If you can go to a casino in your state at 18, you might be able to find casinos you can gamble at. Even if a casino's minimum age is 18, it is always followed by legal age in your jurisdiction.

    If you are a student, don't join any ClubWorld Group casinos, they have prohibitions against students.

    It's not so much gambling as the transfer of monies that is illegal as far as I know. Kind of go hand in hand though. US players hare facing such difficulties I don't think I'd want to jump through all the hoops they do.

    Like sapit, I'm not US myself, so not very helpful I'm afraid. Just didn't want you to think no one was listening.
  8. Jan 31, 2013
  9. jimdog

    jimdog Dormant account

    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Your questions have no easy answers. The question if it is legal for U.S. players is a big gray area. It is illegal to transfer the funds. And the justice dept has stopped or shut down some of the processors so it is very hard to deposit and withdraw funds at online casinos. But, as far as I know the justice dept has never done anything to individual players- and I doubt that they would be able to.

    As far as paying taxes on winnings is another gray area. If a person is gambling at a land based casino within the U.S. and wins a large sum, the casino makes you fill out a form and they report it to the IRS. I believe they even withold a portion of your winnings for taxes on some large wins. But, the online casinos are all offshore. They do not report any large wins to IRS. But, technically the IRS considers all gambling winnings as taxable income and want you to report it. Even, if I am playing poker with my friends and I win, I am suppossed to report it. Do I think people actually do report this? Heck no. Do I think you should report it? That's up to you.
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2013
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  10. Feb 1, 2013
  11. joshck84

    joshck84 Dormant account

    Summerfield, North Carolina, United States
    Thank you! So, I won't go to jail but the casino will most likely shut down? How would I even go about filing taxes? I cam't exactly tell the IRS that I do online gambling, right? (I'm 18, and have never filed before.) Also, how do I move my thread to America the Beautiful?
  12. Feb 1, 2013
  13. chayton

    chayton aka LooHoo CAG PABnonaccred webmeister

    Freelance Designer
    Edmonton Canada
    I've reported the thread so it can be moved, but for future reference, if you hover over the triangle-y thingie with the exclamation mark at the bottom of your post, it will display a tooltip "Report post" - click that, and then you can send a message and ask one of the mods to move it for you.
  14. Feb 1, 2013
  15. KasinoKing

    KasinoKing WebMeister & Slotaholic.. CAG MM PABnonaccred webmeister

    House-Husband and Casino Advisor
    Bexhill on sea, England
    There are NO online casinos based on USA soil - you (America in general) may think you rule the whole world, but sorry to tell you... :rolleyes:
    Your government has no power to close down off-shore casinos.

    I don't like to sound condescending, but at just 18 I think you should be concentrating on other aspects of your life, such as education, employment, GF (or BF) rather than thinking about gambling online. Of course, if you have lots of disposable income then it is up to you - just remember that in the long run most players end up losing.

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  16. Feb 2, 2013
  17. joshck84

    joshck84 Dormant account

    Summerfield, North Carolina, United States
    This whole thing was meant to be a fun pastime. Nothing more. I'm disabled, so I can't work. But, if there are all these legal complications just to have a little fun, I probably won't do it. Anybody recommend Miami Club?
  18. Feb 2, 2013
  19. Mousey

    Mousey Ueber Meister Mouse CAG

    Pencil Pusher
    Now that you're allowed into the ATB section...

    Please begin reading the posts here. Depositing and withdrawing for USA players is a major hassle. Many of us have all but quit due to all the hoop-jumping required.

    There are terms and conditions to be read and heeded at any casino - break one of these and a withdrawal gets denied. You will have to go though ID verification at each casino - photo ID, utility bill (in YOUR name), copies of the card used to deposit, etc. There are fees that eat into your gambling budget. There are deposit limits. Withdrawal limits. And on and on and on.... and it's different for each casino. I could start on one of my really long winded posts here, but I won't. LOL Please read thru the American the Beautiful section and the Payment Processing Problems section - for starters.

    If you're just wanting to have a bit of fun... play the slots and casino games on Facebook and forget about sinking money into online gambling. Gambling online for USA players in our present situation is anything but 'fun'.
  20. Feb 2, 2013
  21. same_old

    same_old Dormant account PABaccred webmeister

    12th man
    This is why I love this site and keep coming back- All members are good honest people happy to help and answer peoples questions and keep them on the right track.
    Trust me Joshck84, you will get the answers you need here.

    When you are thinking of playing at an online casino make sure to ALWAYS do a check first. For example, Miami Club casino, what you would do is go to google and type in "miami club casino complaints" or issues or something to that affect and if the search results come back with a few complaints then steer clear of that casino.

    Casinomeister has a section called "spot the rogue" rogue is an onlne term that actually Bryan (casinomeister man) coined himself. It basically means DON"T TOUCH that casino as it some sort of issue which could be not paying players all the way down to being blundering idiots of some sort.

    There is also a section called "accredited casinos" which will help you in your search as casinomeister has a list and also indicates the ones that are USA friendly.

    Make sure you stcik around becuase we are a good bunch of people and you can get a lot of fun and laughs out the place.

    Happy searching matey and all the best,


  22. Feb 2, 2013
  23. joshck84

    joshck84 Dormant account

    Summerfield, North Carolina, United States
    Is online bingo any more safer then online casinos?
  24. Feb 11, 2013
  25. trioval88

    trioval88 Experienced Member

    United States
    I too am from North Carolina

    I can tell you that I am from North Carolina and play at some of the online casinos. As far as being legal that is a tough question because right now they have internet cafes but are trying to get rid of them. I feel that what I do in my own home is my business as long as I don't hurt anyone. As far as Taxes you are supposed to report your winnings to IRS but my question would be if you do are you then in trouble for online gaming? I will tell you that I have made withdraws from winning and I always use wire transfer and break up payouts over time so as not to raise eyebrows if you know what I'm saying. If you do start to play Just have fun with it and play with your head not over it.
  26. Feb 12, 2013
  27. bigjohn

    bigjohn Meister Member MM PABnoaccred

    Swimming Pool Serviceman
    Northeast Coastal USA
    I've done quite a bit of research on this subject.

    The US Federal Government does not have jurisdiction concerning gambling of any kind, that power was left to the individual states like most vices (drinking age and prostitution also come to mind).

    The Federal Gov. doesn't trust us to pay our taxes on winnings and the bible thumpers in Congress consider it immoral so they went after the financing under the guise of preventing money laundering and terrorism financing.

    Last I checked New Jersey and Nevada are the only two states that expressly outlaw on-line gaming, I guess it was to protect their land based operations.

    I don't believe and have never heard of a common player being prosecuted for on-line gambling anywhere in the US.

    As far as taxes are concerned on the Federal 1040 tax form there is a place to report earnings from illegal sources so they can be taxed.

    Tax evasion seems to be one of the worst crimes here from a Federal viewpoint, after all, that's what they got Capone for.

    As a funny side note the US Federal Gov. went after marijuana in the same way, they have no power to outlaw it so they tax it.

    The catch is you have to have a federal marijuana tax stamp (like the one on the bottom of cigarette packs) but they wont give one to anybody, hence all marijuana in the US has not been taxed so is illegal.
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2013
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