Online casino licenses for AU??


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Dec 18, 2017
I was doing some surfing the web and came across this. It seems they are maybe, possibly, im no expert (in one state) allowing licences for online providers to be allowed their services in AU.

I noticed on the Northern Territory Gaming and Liquor website something a little new. One small link that im 100% sure wasnt there before(about 6 months ago). Its an "online gaming" link that allows any online operator to apply for a license to be able to legally provide online gaming to AU players.

There no form or anything to fill out, they have to provide company info etc, but i did take note that the license does cover the Interactive gaming act that was recently updated which stopped offshore providers from allowing AU players etc. I also noticed that as long as the provider is licensed they are able to provide services to all states... though im not a lawyer..

I checked the other states liquor and gaming pages but nothing on them, maybe the govt are trying to send it all to NT to manage as they have enough going on.. ha

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Maybe someone with some better experience in this area can look at it and see if its useful... Basically as all governments do, they want to know how much they can get off providers and if its worth their while... lol

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