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This thread is for playing blackjack at the online casinos, either in free play or real mode. We will make a record of game records with exact date and time, bet amount, win/loss. Feel free to dump the game play into a log for statistical analysis.

Open to everyone to build up a decent sample size against which a stat analysis could be run. Invite friends to add to the play log. Everything will be done in public. The game logs will be published here. You must know basic strategy, and also don't lose intentionally on the high bets, or other silly stuff, just to make a point.

First up, Galewind Software. Demo casino at
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under Products ("Launch Demo Casino" button)

Date: January 13, 2013
Time: 8:27 PM EST
Real/Demo: Demo
# of Hands: 25
Win %: 48.0% (12/25)
$ Won/Loss: $256.00
WB's Running Won/Loss: $256.00

Notes on the file: Under Dealer, the SECOND card is the Face card.



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I have a suggestion. The Play-for-Free product does NOT dump specific game details into a database. It only keeps track of summary data.

HOWEVER, the production demo (to which I could provide a link) DOES dump all details of game play into a database. If we get a good sample size, then we could run as many, and as detailed, tests as we want to run on the data. I could create log files for each individual, or one big log file for everyone.

Galewind already runs a production-ready copy of the Pinnacle Production casino on our development servers. So, this whole thing would take me zero time to set up.

If you want to go this way let me know. It would give you a whole lot more data to play with.