Online bingo: A very full house


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Dec 16, 2004
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Online bingo: A very full house

Switch on the television or flick through a newspaper and there's a good chance that you'll come across an advert for online bingo. But who is playing - and why?

A typical evening sees Anita Heffernan, 50, spending two or three hours playing bingo online.

It's not for the money - her biggest ever win was about £400 and, being a game of chance, players typically spend more than they win.

"It is a hobby," says Heffernan. "I would much rather do that than spend a night out in town."

There's been a rapid growth of bingo websites. As recently as 2004 fewer than 20 such sites operated in the UK, now there are thought to be about 350.

Operators include everyone from bingo hall owners Mecca and Gala, to newspapers like The Sun and Daily Mail.

For a game strongly associated with the camaraderie of a night spent at crowded tables with friends any move online could be seen as being at odds with the very reasons for playing.

Many of the vast concrete and neon bingo halls on High Streets across the country may now be showing their age, but millions still visit them every year.

For the uninitiated, bingo is a game of pure chance. There's no skill involved other than the ability to keep up - in the UK version of the game players listen intently for the random numbers between one and 90 printed on their card to be called out.

One by one they are crossed off until someone has none left and there's a winner - then they might shout "bingo" or "house".
By Duncan Walker
BBC News Magazine
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May 22, 2012
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"Many sites fill players' bingo cards in automatically, so that they can concentrate on chatting. Online bingo terms have appeared as a result, including BLNG (better luck next game) and HABO (have a better one)."

He forgot 'LD' the bloody curse of the 'lucky dust' lol:D


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May 17, 2012
I strongly dislike bingo, but I know a few people who play it and love it


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Aug 26, 2010
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Hi BingoT,

I use to love playing bingo on line. It was fun, but I really don't like their terms on bonuses or even your proof of ID etc.

I was told you have to re-submit your ID, etc, every 6 months. If you are a regular daily player, this seems excessive.

Also, if you have accounts at their sister sites, you have to do it at all of them.

The bonus structure is horrible with wagering requirements high.

It was fun for a "chat" place, but, I would rather not spend money in these sites.

Oh, another thing, 123Bingo, is notorious for "robo calling", I even closed my account and the calls keep on coming!


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Mar 1, 2016
I like playing online bingo. It is quicker than traditional bingo's were you have to wait for all the ball to come out. And online bingo is cheaper to play even the payout is now that much still fun way to kill some time and win.


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May 13, 2014
I used to play online bingo years back before I stopped and turned to casinos instead.

Had some cracking banter with other members in the chat and also had my fair share of luck, was a right jammy git lol :p

A good few of the sites I used to play at are sadly no longer in business, guess its to do with the huge amount of competition out there.

Much as I enjoyed it, I do have to say I enjoy casinos/slots 10x as much tho :D

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