WARNING OneClub Casino: no pay, winnings confiscated


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Jan 20, 2004
We've had two player issues with these guys pass our desk now, neither of them very promising.

In the first case the casino canceled a player's withdrawal and confiscated their winnings. The wagering was complete, the bonus had been fully earned out and and the balance was marked 'Withdrawable' by the cashier. The reason given for the confiscation: the player played restricted games __after__ the wagering requirements of the bonus had been met but __before__ the balance had been withdrawn.

The player filed a PAB which we took to the casino. They never responded but the player was paid in full.

In the second case $3600 in winnings were confiscated and the player's deposit returned. Why? Who knows? They didn't tell the player a thing and ignored us when we submitted the player's PAB to them.

This adds up to more than sufficient grounds for ...

Warning: One Club Casino (1clubcasino.com, oneclubcasino.com) is guilty of repeated confiscations, no reason or bogus reasons given, and no response to the player's complaints. Avoid this casino!

The casino was featured, and not in a complementary way, in the Casinomeister's recent (12 March 2010) Webcast: see here.

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